Seasonal updates coming to Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire

Jul 27, 2016 in "Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire"

Posted: Wednesday July 27, 2016 12:18pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's new castle show will feature seasonal updates.

Part of a Disney social media interview, Disney confirmed today that Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire will celebrate autumn and the holiday season, with changes to both the music and costumes in the finale scene.

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire debuted on June 17 2016, and features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Tiana, Naveen, Louis, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Olaf, Anna and Elsa.

Seasonal updates have become more common at the Magic Kingdom, with the Main Street Trolley Show and Celebrate the Magic offering different shows throughout the year.

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Magenta PantherNov 03, 2016

No, I haven't been at WDW for a while. It's nice to know that the Frozen number looks so cool at night. I wonder if there's a video of it anywhere? EDITED: Found one!

mm52200Nov 03, 2016

Have you seen it at night? I'm guessing no. Because all of the platforms on the stage were embedded in fiber optics, and they look amazing. The puffs of smoke are CO2 which had to have special infrastructure installed and fitted for the stage.

Matt_BlackNov 03, 2016

Which is doubly funny, since Inception is based off of a Donald Duck comic.

BairstowNov 03, 2016

There's a really good Inception joke in there somewhere.

Matt_BlackNov 03, 2016


MisterPenguinNov 03, 2016

NOOO!!! You NEVER let Mickey dream! Nothing good ever comes out of it. Villains come out in DAWM and Fantasmic!, not to mention the deluge from Sorcerer's Apprentice. Dreams are the portal of evil!

Matt_BlackNov 03, 2016

Yes, because it was about dreams, and how to dream dreamily with the dreamy power of dreaming.

jrhwdwNov 03, 2016

They also put lights in the stage pieces. Which lit for Frozen Holiday Wish last night I might add.

Magenta PantherNov 03, 2016

Geez, TDO spared no expense on the Frozen number, didn't it? Wow, lame puffs of smoke, so magical. :p DAWM was so much better than this IMO.

Tiki Queen of Outer SpaceNov 03, 2016

So yeah looking back at the Fall finale they cut about 3/4 of the pyro in this version, and it's almost 2 minutes shorter. I'd have to say this finale is kind of a let down.

jrhwdwNov 03, 2016

Thanks for the confirmation. At least they added a refrain at the end! Would this be why MRFF wasn't given DAWM's schedule while Frozen Holiday Wish is here? Please tell us that this and no second Frozen Holiday Wish on non party nights are the only cuts?! OUAT and Most Merriest don't need cuts before they even open!

mm52200Nov 03, 2016

Pyro cuts have been made to the show and it is going down to five shows starting next week.

MagicHappens1971Nov 03, 2016 According to this post, just for fall and the holiday season. Depending on how popular these seasonal changes were maybe they will do a spring/easter finale. I don't think they will though

Jedi14Nov 03, 2016

Does anyone know if there will be a spring/Easter finale for MRFF?