Fantasmic!, Festival of Fantasy Parade and Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire to return to Walt Disney World

Nov 20, 2021 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Saturday November 20, 2021 10:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World will welcome back major entertainment in 2022 at Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

At Disney's Hollywoods Studios, Fantasmic! will make its return following extensive refurbishments to the theater.

Festival of Fantasy parade will return to Magic Kingdom, along with a 50th anniversary edition of Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire on the castle stage.

No specific dates beyond 2022 have been announced, although our sources suggest some will return early in the new year.

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ToTBellHop17 days ago

gerarar17 days ago

Fire in the lagoon has finally returned tonight, just in time for Hollywood Studios's 35th birthday! 🔥

TTA9420 days ago

If the parade is planned for 2025 then it should be in the process of being built?

yensidtlaw196920 days ago

WDW is pretty content to do things differently than Disneyland, in many regards. I think Disney’s interest in beefing up their 2025 offerings quickly is what’s most likely to drive a new Night Parade.

Starship82420 days ago

So has anything changed in that regard? Also, I would assume one of the arguments being used to justify green lighting a parade is that Disneyland does it all the time so what's Walt Disney World's excuse

wdwmagic20 days ago

One of the main barriers to MK not having a night parade has been a reluctance from an operations standpoint to deal with the crowds in the hub and Main Street.

Starship82420 days ago

Also it fits the Studios theme by celebrating the studio. I know " The wonderful world of animation" it's supposed to celebrate the studio but it doesn't do it very well because in my opinion that show is bad and I Wondrous Journeys is incredible. The wondrous projections team should be able to retrofit it to the Chinese theater pretty easily since they already had to retrofit it for a bunch of different other surfaces in Disneyland as the original show was made for the castle first and then changed to match MSUSA, IASW, and ROA.

jrhwdw20 days ago

We got close last year.........

jrhwdw20 days ago

WJ and it's Low Pyro Package! If B Mode works at DL, it can work at DHS!

Starship82420 days ago

This is a really cheap idea but I say bring over Wondrous Journeys and throw it on the Chinese theater.

TTA9420 days ago

Thanks. DAK is definitely in need of a nighttime show and even a parade, but I don’t think they will go that far? and Studios could use a parade and maybe a different Chinese Theatre nighttime show, but mainly a parade. As far as MK goes, is the reason they decided to give in and bring back a light parade because they feeling MK nights are lacking and HEA is no longer enough?

spectromagic0420 days ago

Hopefully means new nighttime parade for MK, new DAK nighttime show and daytime parade at DHS? Wouldn’t mind if entertainment also returns like Main Street Trolley Show and Citizens of Hollywood. Try and get the overall entertainment back to pre covid standards. Even if FOF continues to limp.

wdwmagic20 days ago

Nothing on day parade so far. Think the focus is really on boosting other areas that are completely lacking right now.

TTA9420 days ago

It is great that a light parade is in development but it would also be nice to know there are plans to address FoF in some way shape or form. @wdwmagic have you heard anything?