Fantasmic!, Festival of Fantasy Parade and Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire to return to Walt Disney World

Nov 20, 2021 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Saturday November 20, 2021 10:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World will welcome back major entertainment in 2022 at Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

At Disney's Hollywoods Studios, Fantasmic! will make its return following extensive refurbishments to the theater.

Festival of Fantasy parade will return to Magic Kingdom, along with a 50th anniversary edition of Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire on the castle stage.

No specific dates beyond 2022 have been announced, although our sources suggest some will return early in the new year.

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jrhwdwAug 06, 2023

FOF is also at 3PM only Today -Thursday this week. I'd like to think MK is working on improving FOF but, it's probably just BTY Rehearsals?

jrhwdwJun 22, 2023

Wonder why?

DCBakerJun 22, 2023

For those planning visits to Magic Kingdom in July, there are currently 2 dates where the 12pm performance of Festival of Fantasy is not on the schedule: July 15 and 23.

ToTBellHopJun 19, 2023

Looks like Fantasmic! moves from 9 pm to 9:30 pm in August as sunset moves up and could really accommodate an 8:30 show. It seems unlike Disney to unnecessarily keep the park open later into the August slow season. Any ideas why? Doesn’t seem like a calendar error, either, as the dining packages are available through 7 pm starting the first Sunday of August.

WorldExplorerMay 28, 2023

Every time I try to see this thing it breaks down somehow. I was super close to going last night but had something come up. I was feeling down about it, so it's nice to know it would have left me still trying to see the show with everything functioning.

bmr1591May 28, 2023

Fantasmic was on D mode last night. First, Mickey didn’t pop up at the beginning, so they had to restart. Then, the water screens didn’t fire on, so they had a 30 minute downtime fixing that. Finally, the show begins and Aladdin doesn’t jump, Jafar’s snake doesn’t move, and there’s no magic lamp. It was interesting, to say the least.

jrhwdwMay 26, 2023


newf709May 26, 2023

The Pinocchio float is back

jrhwdwMay 18, 2023

It Was.......along with the Trolley Dancers............. Nothing on either................

TTA94May 18, 2023

I thought they were going to? or it was rumored. Yikes poor FoF. Maybe the lack of fixing FoF is because they plan on a new parade in 2024 🤣.

mm52200May 18, 2023


jrhwdwMay 18, 2023

That Banner has been so Rare..........Is it now on the Parade Roue every day?

SquishyMay 17, 2023

Hope that they'll restore the FoF performer lineup?

brb1006May 16, 2023

Considering the parade was made to celebrate Walt Disney's 100th Birthday. Share A Dream Come True Parade's score being slow was actually fitting since it gave the parade a relaxed and peaceful tone. Especially since it used to have a show-stop variation between 2001 till 2003.