PHOTOS - Walls up around former Lost and Found center at the TTC

May 31, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday May 31, 2018 12:53pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Since moving to a new online Lost and Found system, the former Lost and Found center at the Transportation and Ticket Center is now walled off and being cleared.

Instead of needing to visit or phone the Lost and Found center, you can now report a lost item on

The page will direct you to Chargerback, where you will complete a form. Once you fill out the online form you will receive an email notification with your Lost Item claim number. Disney will then continue to look for your item and provide you with an email update within 48 hours.

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Monorail_Red_77Oct 18, 2018

Thought I would add a small update here. The old Lost and Found building at TTC is now back in use as an office area. When I was there on Oct 7th there were several Security CM’s leaving the building and I could see inside that other CM’s were sitting at desks. Here’s pics from Sep 15th showing progression. Here’s one from Oct 7th showing CM’s exiting Bldg. Another pic from Sep 15th. And lastly another from Oct 7th. Will see if any signage was addded this weekend. As of last few weeks there was no signage on the building or at the parking entrance from roadway.

draybookJun 04, 2018

I gotcha man. I suck at sarcasm when I first wake up.

larryzJun 04, 2018

Well, there have been times... But I'm not going to Lasseter someone in the Monorail.* *...or anywhere else, for that matter....

jakemanJun 04, 2018

Sound like your monorail ride is only half as interesting as it could be.

larryzJun 04, 2018

I have no doubt about that. It's the extreme comment I was referring to -- how standing next to foreigners on the monorail is similar to putting foreigners in your mouth.

draybookJun 04, 2018

Well, when they have you packed in there nuts to butts, they don't have to be in your mouth to spread germs when they cough. I can post some links about how diseases transmit if you'd like?

larryzJun 03, 2018

I always try to keep strange people on the monorail out of my mouth.

BoltJun 03, 2018

Yeah didn’t really see that as the same thing.

peter11435Jun 03, 2018

Little different from putting foreign objects into your mouth.

draybookJun 03, 2018

Kind of ironic, given that they'll pack everyone into the monorails like sardines, with sniffly noses and hacking coughs.

BoltJun 03, 2018

You typically shouldn’t get that back. Things like that and pacifiers had to be thrown away since Disney didn’t want the responsibility of giving you something back that would go in someone’s mouth due to the cleanliness of the area an item was retrieved.

imkrazy182Jun 03, 2018

Lost and Found is still 100% run by Disney and Disney CM's. This new thing is just a computer system provided to Disney for free that allows them to streamline the process and provide more options to guests.

Monorail_Red_77Jun 01, 2018

So, the signs being blanked out is a good thing. Points to it being repurposed like mention earlier in thread. Pics from Monday night 5/28

Monorail_Red_77Jun 01, 2018

Also both Rain Forest (DS and AK) are as well, and T-Rex. I think a few others at DS also are Landry run.