Disney says permits will soon be filed to begin work on Magic Kingdom's 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' expansion

Apr 04, 2024 in "Magic Kingdom"

Beyond Big Thunder Mountain Blue Sky concept art
Posted: Thursday April 4, 2024 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a recent presentation to invited reporters at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, California, earlier this week,  the company confirmed that plans are moving forward with the 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' expansion at Magic Kingdom.

Specifically, Michael Hundgen, VP, Walt Disney World Portfolio at Walt Disney Imagineering said that permits would soon be filed for preliminary work on the site. The plans will likely be Water Management District permits, typically required before large projects break ground.

According to the Blue Sky concept unveiled by Parks head Josh D'Amaro, the new land behind Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom would include Disney animation IPs, including Coco, Encanto, and villains.

We expect to hear more about the Magic Kingdom expansion at the upcoming D23 Fan Event in August 2024.

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doctornick2 hours ago

And it’s Florida so enclosed attractions have other advantages…

ToTBellHop3 hours ago

That’s why an enclosed E-ticket is appealing.

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

Flood plains can be fixed with enough dirt. Real problem is being next to fireworks launcher.

DisDude234 hours ago

You know, if they add a Skyliner to it I’ll learn to settle with that.

GenChi6 hours ago

Knowing this is the Iger era of the company, will not be surprised when after all this hype and blue sky buildup the first and only phase of Beyond Big Thunder Mountain that actually happens is a IP-themed DVC hotel with a separate park entrance

ednamodedarling11 hours ago

Warming to the idea of RSR ... maybe we could hold out hope for both a COCO attraction, as well as RSR?

TheRealSkull20 hours ago

Remember, the fact Big Thunder is based on Monument Valley sure makes it sound like the Radiator Springs Racers rumors could hold some truth to them.

Advisable Joseph1 day ago

I think you're putting a lot of stuff into the flood plain?

eddie1041 day ago

This should be their base plan for this area but who knows what Disney is thinking.

2bornot2be1 day ago

I have been thinking about this for some time now and I don’t think Disney has to close the Rivers of America, but it will need to be rerouted. In addition, the train will need to be rerouted and the queue for the Hunted Manson will need to rerouted for additional room on the walkway. I took the time to draw what I was thinking. As you can see from the drawing below, they have enough room for 4 attractions and 4 restaurants in areas. It’s BIG. I just can’t wait to see what Disney is actually planning.

James Alucobond2 days ago

I don't really see how physical distance is all that great of a metric for what belongs when the attractions in this area have always been pretty far apart geographically. Attractions set in New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, and now Louisiana have all encircled the Rivers of America. The real-world requirement is basically just "somewhere in the Americas". Beyond that, it's about creating fluid visual transitions and surfacing the appropriate themes for either Liberty Square or Frontierland.

osian2 days ago

That's horrible, lol!

Bocabear2 days ago

Big Thunder is sort of based on Monument Valley.... which is not very close to Mexico.... About 8 hours by car of 500 miles...... If in fact Big Thunder is in Monument Valley...... lol Wait...Coco is supposedly based on the area of Michoacan...so that is about 1600 miles from Monument Valley...which means that proximity would mean they could have a Canadian outpost next to Big Thunder...lol though let's face it Adventureland is simultaneously somewhere in the Arab world, The Caribbean and the South Pacific.... So... YES! just about anything makes sense....

pdude812 days ago

That would be the most interesting house at HHN if Universal could "borrow" the IP