Magic Kingdom closed to some guests due to reaching capacity

Dec 31, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday December 31, 2019 12:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom is currently closed to some guests due to reaching capacity. This is the first capacity closure of this holiday season at Walt Disney World.

Wait times at the Magic Kingdom are 4 hours for Space Mountain, and  around 3 hours for Big Thunder, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Based on previous yers, expect a late afternoon reopening for all guests.

Guests being turned away are receiving a $50 gift card and free parking at another Disney theme park to be used today.

Learn more about Walt Disney World theme park phase closing statuses.

Phase B Closing

No admission of guests with one day tickets, and no re-entering or crossing over from another park unless they have one of the following:

  • WDW Resort Guests, including The Four Seasons Resort, Swan, Dolphin or Shades of Green, Hotel Plaza Boulevard hotels arriving by bus (Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel, The Buena Vista Palace, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel, B Resort, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort, Hilton), Golden Oak residents and guests.
  • WDW Premier Passport, Annual & Premium Passholders
  • Guests with dining reservations
  • Magic Kingdom Guests with reservations for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Harmony Barber Shop or The Pirates League.
  • FastPass+ reservations and is a WDW Resort hotel guest.


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RustySporkJan 06, 2020

Fixed that for you. :hilarious:

disney4life2008Jan 01, 2020

I'm in the minority. I hate epcot nye. It's boring. Did it once never again.

danitaytayJan 01, 2020

couldn’t agree more. The fireworks were spectacular. However, the busing situation afterwards was awful. I get it’s the busiest night of the year and we were expecting the wait to be long but we saw 3 buses in a row come to a resort with no people in line yet it took 30 minutes for one single bus to come to our resort line that was extended all the way down to the end of the bus lines. We didn’t get home until 2 AM

zulemaraJan 01, 2020

When Disney wants to put on a party, they absolutely nail it. It’s what brings me back every year - there is nothing like the energy combined with all the space of EPCOT. Crowded or not it’s wwaayyy better than being packed into a dance club, with much better fireworks to boot!

larryzJan 01, 2020

Anyone take a bus to YC/BC and transfer to the Skyliner?

TrainChasersJan 01, 2020

when I left mk at 1:00 am the line for busses to ttc was alllllll the way back at the beginning of the bus entrance. They were filling 4 busses at a time. Pop century only had about 30 min. Wait (1 articulated bus, 1 charter bus, 1 standard Disney bus and I was one of the first on the next bus, another articulated. Was 30 minutes back to pop. Not bad

danitaytayJan 01, 2020

We are in Epcot now. Have been since 8:30 this morning. Morning went great. With the use of our FPS and getting there early enough we were able to do everything we wanted to. By 2 pm world showcase was a nightmare and it still is. Between the drunks everywhere and the 30 minute lines for the bathroom it’s pretty crazy. But definitely a ton of fun! The energy is amazing. We got prime spots for the fireworks. Just need to plan in advance.

IanDLBZFDec 31, 2019

Heads up Magic Kingdom is back open.

SquishyDec 31, 2019

@BobChapek is currently sitting home watching tv while having a laugh at all who are making him rich.

MisterPenguinDec 31, 2019

Bring me your tired, your not poor at all, your huddled masses yearning to spend $7 for a frozen ice cream bar on a stick shaped like a rodent...

SquishyDec 31, 2019

MK is open to all now

JokersWild691Dec 31, 2019

$50 seems like a good start for food and drinks at EPCOT's NYE...

RSoxNo1Dec 31, 2019

Wait times actually seem more manageable relative to previous years.

NelsonRDDec 31, 2019

Unless you know how to use the app, then there are only 30 minute waits. Front row parade viewing and Be Our Guest is also still available.