Disney issues statement on entertainment at Walt Disney World

24 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Following this week's layoffs that have decimated the Walt Disney World entertainment department, Disney has released a statement to update fans.

From Bettina Buckley, Vice President, Walt Disney World Resort Live Entertainment:

Walt Disney World Resort offers a treasure trove of experiences for guests of all ages. We recognize that part of the magic of visiting any Disney park is seeing favorite Disney friends and discovering one-of-a-kind shows and performances. Since reopening, we’ve continued to offer modified character experiences and entertainment throughout our resort, while also taking the appropriate steps for the health and safety of our guests and cast members.

Recently, we’ve had to make some difficult decisions to reduce our workforce as the business impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic have become more long-lasting than anyone could have predicted. As a result, we’ve had to pause many live shows and entertainment experiences at our resort for longer than originally anticipated.

While it’s impossible at this time to fully replace the incredible entertainment that existed throughout our parks before the pandemic, we are offering live entertainment in new ways wherever possible, including character cavalcades in all four parks and pop-up appearances, like discovering Joy from “Inside Out” frolicking on the lawn near the Imagination! pavilion in EPCOT. Additionally, we’re featuring modified shows such as the popular “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and live musical performances like the Main Street Philharmonic in Magic Kingdom or the Discovery Island Drummers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This extends to our seasonal offerings, with Halloween underway and the holidays right around the corner. In fact, the fan-favorite Voices of Liberty are set to make their return and join the JAMMitors and Mariachi Cobre at the American Gardens Theatre during the upcoming Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, beginning on Nov. 27.

Determining which shows can return and when is a complex process. As with the rest of our phased reopening, we will also consider the guidance of health officials and government agencies in determining when the time will be right to adjust capacity, and as soon as it is appropriate, we will start to bring additional entertainment back.

Like most of our fans, we know that our beloved entertainment cast are an incredibly special and essential part of the Disney experience. We look forward to the day when we can welcome back more live entertainment to our parks, and we will share more news about these announcements as we’re able to do so.

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Article Posted: Oct 30, 2020 / 12:59pm ET
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Brer Panther8 days ago

I didn't even think about the Electrical Water Pageant. Great, now I have ANOTHER thing to worry about...

DisneyTransport8 days ago

Brutal, but these are straight FACTS. I avoided Fantasmic like it was the plague. Not my job! While I really do love the show... I fear for the worst.

Lilofan8 days ago

What a waste of a valuable space of land at DHS. During the day, nothing goes on at Fantasmic and at night is the same.

techgeek8 days ago

I have not seen the slightest mention anywhere... from Disney, from insider sources, barely any casual speculation... about the long (or short) term status of the EWP. Certainly it's something that could be running now, if there was desire. It doesn't draw a large crowd, and these days plays mostly to paying resort guests who could use another amenity right now. It's conspicuous in its absence and lack of info. If I had to guess, with the current overall entertainment outlook it would be that we never see it run again. But, that's just a guess.

doctornick8 days ago

Yikes. At first I thought maybe this was talking about the Electric Water Pageant but Fantasmic! not returning sounds terrible

Unbanshee9 days ago

Oh yikes. I've seen the aerial photos that show that there has been some work ongoing, but you're thinking it's dead?

TrainChasers9 days ago

What fixtures did they have?

drew819 days ago


Unbanshee9 days ago

Are we still talking about mermaid?

drew819 days ago

A show that already has dated gear. A show that requires a production crew to do regular maintenance on that gear. A show that needed serious technical updates before covid. A show that has old moving lights and needs new lights. A show with water leakage issues. A show that will take many hours of production labor just to get it back to working shape. When effects sit (for months and longer) things don’t just fire up on their own. That’s why I don’t hold out hope. And I don’t see the company putting the necessary funds into it.

drew8110 days ago

Fantasmic Forever in our hearts

NelleBelle10 days ago

I don't think I've despised a bunch of corporate yahoos more!! :banghead:

techgeek11 days ago

(Looks at spreadsheet....) “Weeeelllll... do those calvalcades reeeally drive attendance?”

mm5220011 days ago

Such as??? I mean there’s no entertainment cast left to layoff so I’m not really sure what else there could be.