Magic Kingdom's iconic Partners sculpture to be refurbished for the 50th anniversary

9 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 1:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Partners statue at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will soon be refurbished ahead of the 50th anniversary celebrations in October.

The iconic centerpiece in the center of the hub will be stripped down to bare metal, cleaned with a new layer of patina added, followed by a protective polymer and wax. It appears that the work will be done on-stage, and will remain in place.

In the statue sculpted by Imagineering legend Blaine Gibson and installed in 1995, Walt is depicted as the visionary, pointing toward the future and leading the way for Mickey Mouse, Walt's creation.

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UNCgolf4 hours ago

I'm holding out hope for a Jaq and Gus to represent Cinderella, although the Fairy Godmother is probably more likely if they do anyone from Cinderella.

UNCgolf4 hours ago

I'm pretty sure they're intentionally focusing on secondary characters instead of the main stars. They've now done it for Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, the Incredibles, and Coco. Mickey and friends are obvious exceptions, but the only other main character they've used is Winnie the Pooh -- and he's so iconic I think it would have been a mistake to not use him. Putting him and Piglet together was perfect, although I wish Tigger was involved too.

VJ5 hours ago

disney is allergic to films made before the little mermaid not timeless, relevant or disney enough

ImperfectPixie5 hours ago

If they had to use a dog, they should have used Lady & Tramp or even Bolt. Or any of the Dalmatians.

deix15x85 hours ago

Who? How did he become part of the 50? If the bar is that low they better get 500 instead. So many bigger characters in Coco should have been included before the dog, but you can't have that many from one franchise with only 50 slots. It seems like a lot of important Disney characters will be missing from the 50.

dreday37 hours ago

oh my god!!! DANTE!!! 😍 I don't care what the rest of you think, these are a really fun addition to the parks for the 50th!

DCBaker7 hours ago

mnelson31 day ago

Unless something horrible happens I’m sure October will go on as planned.

Figments Friend1 day ago

Gonna be a huge crowd there on the 1st, methinks. Hoo boy....can't wait for the fun! ✨ Remember kids, BRING YOUR OWN FOOD with you! Smuggle in as many snacks as you can. The lines for food and even mobile pick up will likely be insane, and the added chaos will make it a must. You can thank me for the tip when it's all over. 😎 -

jrhwdw1 day ago

Good, I guess..with the CDC today, let's hope HEA makes it till Sep 29th, And the 50th goes on as planned!

DCBaker1 day ago

October 1st MK Park Passes for all buckets have been replenished -

tcool1231 day ago

So far this is has been the biggest let down for a statue for the lineup in terms of announcements. Lumiere and Cogsworth are fine representations for New Fantasyland or Sunset Boulevard, Timon & Pumba are a perfect fit for Animal Kingdom representation, Pooh and Piglet are fine representations for Fantasyland. But Edna? Her "attraction" hasn't even been open since reopening, but if she was placed at Contemporary given the new rooms I suppose it would be a stretch but it would fit 🤷‍♂️

DCBaker1 day ago

Video for Edna Mode statue announcement -

Nmoody11 day ago

You can sell the statues after the celebration though and make $$$