PHOTOS - Tram stop returns to the Transportation and Ticket Center as changes near completion

Mar 17, 2020 in "Magic Kingdom"

Transportation and Ticket Center refurbishment nears completion - March 2020
Posted: Tuesday March 17, 2020 9:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This past weekend saw the return of the tram stop to the front of the Ticket and Transportation Center, and we should see the entire project finished by the time the Magic Kingdom reopens to guests.

For the last year the tram stop has been in a temporary location in the parking lot as work has been underway on adding more security bag check areas and relocating the tram loop.

Three of the four security check points are now complete, with the fourth nearing completion.

Unfortunately the new tram drop-off and boarding area remain uncovered.

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Mike730Aug 03, 2020

Mike730Jul 18, 2020

roj2323Jul 16, 2020

I don't think the original intention was for it to be permanent but with COVID, a lot of things changed. In either instance the pile of dirt would need to sit there for 3-6 months before they could do something with the area so it make sense to at least make it look decent with grass for the time being.

Mike730Jul 13, 2020

Here's a bit more context. The dock currently serving Seven Seas Lagoon (Poly/GF) will stay and be expanded (Dock 1). A new dock is being build next to it (Dock 2). Both docks have separate queues under the new shade structure and will share a new security structure with the pathway from the Grand Floridian. Whether each dock will be used for separate resorts or whether they will remain combined when everything reopens is anyone's guess.

peter11435Jul 12, 2020

The new dock is replacing a dock that has always been there. It will likely service the Poly/GF launches just as it did before, with the larger center dock continuing to service WL/FW.

nickysJul 12, 2020

Can someone remind me what the new boat dock is for? I’m assuming we know of course, maybe they haven’t said anything. Wondering if Poly and GF are getting their own launches, or is one of the existing docks being moved?

TeriofTerrorJul 12, 2020


peter11435Jul 12, 2020

I do not. But I would assume that with such limited capacity on the resort monorail as it is, they probably don’t want to add in Epcot bound traffic. Plus the TTC courtyard is already full enough in order to accommodate monorail and ferry distancing for MK. I would anticipate the MK resorts to Epcot route being serviced by bus for the foreseeable future as long as stringent physical distancing guidelines are in place. Just my opinion.

TeriofTerrorJul 11, 2020

Do you have any idea when they might resume use of the Epcot monorail? TIA

peter11435Jul 11, 2020


DVCakaCarlFJul 11, 2020

With the EPCOT opening on the 15th, will the TTC have monorail access to EPCOT?

JoeCamelJul 11, 2020

I can't believe it will be permanent. My money is on leaving it there until the wet spot stops sinking then they shave it off for more parking and use the fill in other spots (maybe reflections?)

WDWtravelerJul 11, 2020

Photo update as of Friday, July 10, 2020. The center section of the Magic Kingdom parking lot was cleared of trees last year. Now the dirt from the new retention pond at the former Richard Petty Driving Experience Speedway is piled onto the center of the parking lot area that was cleared. From the shape of this mound (the sides are sculpted all around except for the truck entry area), this appears permanent. The mound is 20-25 feet high. The exit roads around the mound still exist as before.

Mike730Jul 10, 2020