VIDEO - 'I'm Going to Disney World' commercial features Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

Feb 08, 2021 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday February 8, 2021 8:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following last night's Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Cinderella Caste was lit in the Buccaneers' colors and then blue to honor the nation's healthcare workers.

Keeping the time-honored tradition alive, Disney soon aired the "I'm Going to Disney World!" commercial featuring Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Although there will be no Magic Kingdom MVP parade this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, Gronkowski will travel to Walt Disney World today to experience some of Disney World's most popular attractions. Brady, the Super Bowl LV MVP, will visit Walt Disney World this year, likely in the coming months.

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NelleBelleFeb 18, 2021

Of you count a parade behind closed gates where supposedly no one would “see”!

yensid67Feb 18, 2021

Can you tell I am not a Sports Geek!? LOL Here is 2021 Superbowl 'Parade?'

Dave BFeb 18, 2021

That was last year, The Chiefs Lost the Super Bowl this year, They had Rob Gronkowski at the park this year, unofficially of course

yensid67Feb 18, 2021

Didn't Disney announce that it WAS NOT doing a MVP Parade this year? LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

JIMINYCRFeb 14, 2021

Yes, theres always great memes that get posted about everything. Some are extremely hilarious. Never lose your sense of humor !!

NelleBelleFeb 14, 2021

While I like his music, I really did not care for the half-time show this year. But I absolutely mentioned to my husband that they were wearing jock straps! 🤣 There were a whole lot of memes but a few a my favs were...

JIMINYCRFeb 13, 2021

I knew they werent jock straps, but on a football field the connection sure appeared to be there. Wasnt aware of the accident and apparently many others missed the connection of bandages to his accident and to the song because theres plenty of memes going out about the jock strap dancers at the SB. Maybe there should have been some message prior to the dance filling in those of us who are not followers of his music.

Edward JacksonFeb 12, 2021

I actually found out the "jock straps" had to do with one of his songs. He had a pretty bad auto accident and needed reconstructive surgery. Those were bandages, not jock straps.

JIMINYCRFeb 12, 2021

Less than meh. Sound was horrible, bad video, and what was that dancing with jock straps on their heads? Didnt anyone think to mention to them how this would appear? At first glance I immediately thought we were getting a Monty Python skit on the field.

Edward JacksonFeb 12, 2021


Edward JacksonFeb 11, 2021

Rob Gronkowski actually dented one the Patriots Lombardi trophies clowning around with.

LilofanFeb 11, 2021

Bucs had a floating boat parade in Tampa Bay. Brady tossed the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another. That would be hilarious if the trophy was dropped and sank to the bottom of the waters of Tampa Bay.

danyoung56Feb 10, 2021

I'd never seen that one before - excellent! Thanks for posting!!!

JJ Abrams On A CouchFeb 10, 2021

I thought it was decent enough.