PHOTOS - Large mature Oak Trees being transplanted around property from the TTC

Mar 02, 2020 in "Magic Kingdom"

Oak Tree relocation from the TTC
Posted: Monday March 2, 2020 2:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews are busy at the Transportation and Ticket Center carefully moving large mature oak trees to be relocated around Walt Disney World property.

The trees are located around the former Speedway track at the back of the TTC parking lot, and need to be moved for future roadworks.

A box is built around the root structure of the tree, and then the entire tree is lifted out with a crane and onto large trailers for transport.

In this picture above, one of the trees is being replanted near to the new Disney's Hollywood Studios entrance.

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raymusiccityMar 10, 2020

Disney does a phenomenal job when they relocate these huge trees. There's a great example with a descriptive marker next to the pool at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

TinkwingsMar 03, 2020

That reminds me there was some article on the net about them moving trees when they made Galaxy's Edge to repurpose....forgot where they placed them?;) twas not treated like pizza fuel as I recall....

Epcot82GuyMar 03, 2020

I heard they were going in the Via Napoli ovens... πŸ€”

COProgressFanMar 03, 2020

Agree completely. I'm sure it cost a fortune to move trees that size. So I am impressed they decided to do this and hope they move them to somewhere where they can be appreciated. (Maybe back to the hub? 😁)

TinkwingsMar 03, 2020

Disney brought in all sorts of mature trees in such a manner by Landscaper extraordinaire Bill Evans when Disneyland was in 1954 as he was landscaping Disneyland during its initial construction. He would box up older, taller trees slated for removal that were along the route of the then under construction Santa Ana SPECIAL very old tree from old orange farmer family(Dominquez) ….Ron Dominquez who came to work at Disneyland... whose grandparents were married under it? So the family begged Walt to not move it when they sold him their had been a wedding gift to the family in 1896..... Walt agreed, but since the rare palm was planted in front of Ron's grandparents' home, which was slated to become Section C of the future Disneyland parking lot, it had to be moved. So Walt directed that the 15 ton tree be balled up and re-planted in Adventureland where you can still see the magnificent palm today. Google Dominquez tree Disneyland.....Ron spent his entire? career at the park and ended up Vice President of Walt Disney Attractions by 1994. Now THAT was one big tree.....and happily still IS! :cool:

Chupaca BruhMar 03, 2020

I wonder if these will go over to the Reflecting Mid Century resort?

azoxMar 02, 2020

I had seen them boxing this up when I was down there a few weeks ago and I was wondering if they are destined for Epcot? With the new Epcot design it looks like they will need many trees and mature ones like this would be a perfect fit :)

GoofTroop80Mar 02, 2020

This had to be a logistical nightmare those trees there if they came from a distance. I didnt even realize it was possible to relocate trees that size

jmuboyMar 02, 2020

Agree 100% - I just LOVE seeing this sort of thing. It’s the type of thing OLD SCHOOL Disney would do all the time. There is a lot of road improvements happening (or recently completed) around WDW. For the most part only smaller sized trees and landscape are being added in the medians and along the newly realigned roads. Glad to see these Oaks are being saved and repurposed to help maintain lush green space.

jmuboyMar 02, 2020

I think these are moving to all final phases of the MK parking and roadway work (= more parking at the MK and realigning roadways for ease of traffic flow)

TinkwingsMar 02, 2020

Thanks fun to see them being saved and reused.....but what is going in their place?!:cool:

wdw71fanMar 02, 2020

some are indeed being cut down.. They are mostly being repositioned as the old speedway berm is removed

steve2wdwMar 02, 2020

As a WDW tree hugger, any news, regarding trees, has always been met with sadness. This is the first "jump for joy" news I've heard, regarding the re-greening of WDW in quite awhile. These big oaks aren't easy to move, and I'm sure there are some accountants pulling out their hair over this work. Kudos to the landscaping team!