VIDEO - Disney Security Cast Members continue to raise the flag each and every morning at Magic Kingdom during the park's coronavirus closure

Apr 01, 2020 in "Magic Kingdom"

Security Cast Members raise the flag at a closed Magic Kingdom due to COVID-19
Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020 11:18am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has released a video of Disney Security Cast Members continuing to raise the flag at the Magic Kingdom as the park remains closed due to coronavirus.

It is an eery sight with an empty Main Street U.S.A., no background music and just the sound of birds.

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BuddyThomas6 minutes ago

Sorry. My crystal ball is broken. It broke when we were supposed to return to the office in October of last year and then that was cancelled. My crystal ball shattered a second time when we were supposed to return to the office on January 10, and then that was cancelled. We are now working from home until further notice so I will not predict any more dates. I can’t. My crystal ball is lying at the bottom of the Hudson River.

BuddyThomas10 minutes ago

How ridiculous. Not one single person on here is “emotionally attached to virus, vaccine, pandemic, testing and mask.” 🙄🙄 Some of us just pay attention to science and to what is going on around the world rather than pretending that the pandemic is over and being so utterly self-centered and selfish that we couldn’t care less what happens to our fellow Americans as long as our “FREE-DUMBS” are not impacted in any way during a period that has killed close to a million of our citizens.

Trauma11 minutes ago

Well when the CDC says it’s endemic that would mean that the pandemic is over. When they come to that conclusion is anyone guess but my money is on before May. Edit : I know it’s up to the WHO to declare it over but I don’t think anyone pays attention to them anymore.

BuddyThomas21 minutes ago

Yeah, quickly headed toward one million Americans dead but by all means, let’s just pretend that the pandemic is over and let her rip. Good lord with this stuff.

helenabear22 minutes ago

Anxiety and worrying about health is not quite an addiction. Some have fears of it - some irrational and some more understandable. I know some who are nearly paralyzed with fear of going in public because or it. Being willing to wear a mask or even pushing in some cases and pushing for vaccines isn't a sign of addiction. It's really a sign that some care. I am very hopeful this ends soon. I'm tired of it all...

Married5Times35 minutes ago

no, there are a number on here emotionally attached to virus, vaccine, pandemic, testing and mask. the corona addiction is strong with them, something even stronger than a 20 year smoker with a full blown nicotine/cigarette habit.

Incomudro50 minutes ago

That's me and my family.

mmascari1 hour ago

At some Walgreens. :)

Trauma1 hour ago

Well yeah risking your life vrs 5 minutes at Walgreens. Almost the same thing right ?

lazyboy97o1 hour ago

The CDC also has three big caveats: “The analysis was conducted before the emergence of the Omicron variant and the findings cannot be applied to the current Omicron wave. The study ended prior to the widespread implementation of booster doses and does not reflect the immunologic benefit of additional vaccine doses. The analysis did not include information on the severity of initial infection and does not reflect the risk of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 infection.” What makes the argument anti-vax rhetoric is the way that infection is presented as an equal path to immunity. It is not.

helenabear1 hour ago

Lol that's true. I'm not a native NYCer but apparently have a look. Those driving me in are good with dropping me off early. Or the guys handing out flyers on the corner ignore me. My spouse even says I'd totally fit in with his NYCer colleagues. I consider it a blessing especially when in the diamond district. Hate being bugged.

seascape1 hour ago

It used to be strange to see people in masks but that is changing. I will continue going to WDW and use Disney Transportation. But if the bus, monorail or boat is packed I will wear a mask. I didnt before but there were times I did get sick while visiting. I just believe that I learned more about taking reasonable steps to protect myself and found them easy and very calming. Wearing a mask, while jamed packed in the Hub to watch the fireworks is not stressful, it is fun and enjoyable. We can all agree to do what we think is best and if one doesn't want to wear a mask that is fine but others will wear masks and should be respected too. Most of the time I wont but at times and in certain conditions I will. The one thing I wish we would learn is to respect others, follow the reasonable health suggestions and respect each others decissions.

Lilofan1 hour ago

Covid or no covid , some may spot native New Yorkers that live or work in NYC in the theme parks on the way they walk or some may think it is speedwalking in the Olympics.

helenabear1 hour ago

I try to but we're all human and sometimes I don't listen as well as I should. Or I miss lots of posts as I am sidetracked doing other things (like today). Prior infection is that one that I'm willing to listen to. While I do not welcome the idea that getting it without vaccines is smart, I will say it will help us in the long run. Science is ever evolving and we should go with it.