VIDEO - Disney Security Cast Members continue to raise the flag each and every morning at Magic Kingdom during the park's coronavirus closure

Apr 01, 2020 in "Magic Kingdom"

Security Cast Members raise the flag at a closed Magic Kingdom due to COVID-19
Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020 11:18am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has released a video of Disney Security Cast Members continuing to raise the flag at the Magic Kingdom as the park remains closed due to coronavirus.

It is an eery sight with an empty Main Street U.S.A., no background music and just the sound of birds.

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helenabear1 hour ago

That's a like for the 2nd shot, not the pain. Mine hit much faster the 2nd time too

StarWarsGirl1 hour ago

Just got my second shot. They're having me wait around to check for a reaction. My arm already hurts and it's been a total of two minutes.

StarWarsGirl2 hours ago

We here in Maryland have 70%+ vaccinated and have one of the lowest rates of covid in the country. We also still have some of our restrictions up. For instance, most state buildings require masks, schools have mandated masks (but have remained open), and healthcare facilities have mandated masks. Baltimore city unfortunately went back to limited indoor dining capacity so that we wouldn't have spikes where the majority of our hospitals are, along with masking in some other facilities, and many restaurants and facilities are asking for proof of vaccination or asking you to wear a mask while inside. Some people are still choosing to wearing their masks inside. It's the combo that's working even if it's not the most convenient answer.

StarWarsGirl2 hours ago

That's a federal requirement. You'll have to look for cases around the country to go down for that to go away. So far it's been extended to the end of January, but it could get extended again.

DisneyFan324 hours ago

I'm waiting for no masks for NJ Transit trains so I'll visit NYC soon next year...

StarWarsGirl4 hours ago

Writers don't. That's usually the editors' jobs.

GoofGoof5 hours ago

Well June was pretty nice 😎 A glimpse of what could be coming if everyone gets with the plan. I am with you on that. We are on a pace right now where we are vaccinating a little under 1% of the population a week. Not sure if that pace is sustainable but more people are facing decisions on work so it could continue or even ramp up. With 15 weeks left in the year we could get an additional 50M people vaccinated by year end. That would get the percent of the total population up over 70%. Adding in kids under 12 in Q4 can add an additional 10% of the total population getting us over 80% fully vaccinated by year end. The 20% that are left will be a slower trickle and will depend on how effective workplace mandates are and how widespread passports become for group activities. I don’t know what level we need to hit but I know it’s not 55% and very likely needs to be above 80%. I think one of the biggest bangs for the buck would be to add in a requirement to show a negative covid test for all domestic flights in the US too (similar to International flights) with an opt out for people who are fully vaccinated. That would greatly slow the potential for people who are sick traveling to other areas and spreading the virus and also will prevent people from going on vacation, getting sick and bringing it back. There will come a point where areas with higher vaccination rates will want to take measures to protect themselves from lower vaccination areas.

GoofGoof5 hours ago

I am pretty sure the writer probably doesn’t pick the headline. If you ignore the headline and read the whole article it paints a pretty clear picture. In summary: despite many people saying they would quit their job over a vaccine requirement, in practice very few actually follow through. The companies that already mandated vaccination have seen very few employees quit or get fired over them and this is at a time when there are many other job options where they are not mandated. If all employers with over 100 employees have similar rules it will be even less likely people quit over the requirements because there will be very few places to go. It pokes huge holes in the narrative that vaccine mandates will hurt businesses because they will lose workers.

SteveAZee5 hours ago

As it turns out, you can't believe everything you hear (or read). ;) It's like some people have an opinion and try to find data to support it, rather than gather data and develop an evolving opinion that's supported by the data.😁

runnsally7 hours ago

just ask my kevlar seatbelts…

JoeCamel7 hours ago

But but I heard it here that only a fitted N95 worn properly would work. Anything less is useless?

Heelz23158 hours ago

The models are indicating the end of Q1. Hopefully that holds. I know it’s 6 more months but we’ve made it this far we can do 6 more months. hopefully we’ll have the summer in ‘22 we should have had in ‘21

MisterPenguin12 hours ago

This article hurt my brain. The authors are making the point that, in general, people don't quit en masse when forced to vaccinate. And their research backs it up. But, they lead with two outlier examples from two weeks ago to gin up the specter that hospitals and businesses everywhere will be shutting down over people quitting rather than getting vaccinated. And they have the clickbait headline of what anti-vaxxers were saying four months ago, which has dramatically changed since then. Yahoo News, again, is not a good source of information.