New EPCOT-style signage comes to the Living with the Land boat ride

Oct 03, 2023 in "Living with the Land"

New Biotechnology Lab signage at Living with the Land
Posted: Tuesday October 3, 2023 9:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Living with the Land boat ride has recently updated its signage to align with the new EPCOT bold typeface used throughout the park.

The new sign is located in front of the Biotechnology Lab, an area of the greenhouse operated in cooperation with USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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lazyboy97o1 hour ago

It absolutely is an altar. That’s pretty much the reason for the statue.

SplashZander2 hours ago

Having some more time to process, absolute home run for the hub. Flows naturally, feels larger than it is, and both secluded and connected to the surrounding. Just makes me a little sad we didn’t get the full original pre covid artistic vision with the festival center and SSE. Creations and Connections work very well, but I feel the festival center would’ve tied it all together. Intrigued to see how CommuniCore Hall plays out, but currently, everything so far seems amazing, except the neglected SSE exterior, and boxiness of CommuniCore hall in an otherwise naturally flowing environment, plus it eats into the Land sight line which would’ve otherwise been gorgeous.

Henry Mystic2 hours ago

I forgot about those

Brian3 hours ago

Never forget what they took from us.

James Alucobond3 hours ago

That or something very much like it was probably always part of the plan, even in the aspirational artwork, but whatevs.

Brian3 hours ago

They're called "pixie dusters" among cast members. Though, some cast members are themselves pixie dusters, too.

Brian3 hours ago

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

Seems to be a theme... wood slats white and greyscale tones tessellated triangles smooth, rounded corners and a toadstool roof wide open cutouts or windows in walls semi-wooded landscaping with lush undergrowth coordinated LED lights everywhere unique floorings You now what else these themes would also be good fore? Some sort of future world.

Incomudro4 hours ago

In photography, pictures shouldn't always be centered. But if that's your thing, sitting on the bench for a photo to Walt's left (the images right) would very nearly center a person on the bench.

J45464 hours ago

i really love the lighting on the ground, the bands of color around the central planter and smaller twinkling lights on the pathway near creations look amazing, more of that in all the parks please.

Incomudro4 hours ago

I'd say he's not centered because it look more natural this way.

Incomudro4 hours ago

Yeah, I think the bench is better too. It works better to have Walt look like he's taking in the park, rather than have a monument statue of him on a pedestal.

Incomudro4 hours ago

I wasn't so thrilled about Mouse Gear - which I was really fond of - becoming Creations. But now that I see how Creations works with this re-do, and how much Mouse Gear wouldn't have I really like it and get it. Wait 'till the buildings on the other side open up and the whole thing comes together!

arich354 hours ago

It is going to be so weird not seeing the walls there but when are ALL the walls going to be gone? I kind of wish there was some kind of interactive option in this updated area