New EPCOT-style signage comes to the Living with the Land boat ride

Oct 03, 2023 in "Living with the Land"

New Biotechnology Lab signage at Living with the Land
Posted: Tuesday October 3, 2023 9:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Living with the Land boat ride has recently updated its signage to align with the new EPCOT bold typeface used throughout the park.

The new sign is located in front of the Biotechnology Lab, an area of the greenhouse operated in cooperation with USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Under the Association of Bankway Parkity Park Parks Banks.

Rhinocerous1 day ago

Sponsored by Bankway Park Bank?

Epcot82Guy1 day ago

The idea would. I never liked Discoveryland as a name, because it sounds like Magic Kingdom. I loved the mirror of Future World - World Showcase. I think World Discovery works fine, especially now that it is already tied to the park in some level. "-land" just doesn't fit with Epcot for me personally.

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

It's Superfluous..🤣

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Out where I live a bank sponsors an entertainment complex....It's called Parkway Bank Park.......🤨 It's as confusing as it gets..

zipadee9991 day ago

Only if they build an elaborate, Jules Verne themed centerpiece attraction and then slap a cheap Star Wars overlay that nobody asked for on it

Cmdr_Crimson2 days ago

Would Project Gemini's Discoveryland Suffice?

FigmentJedi2 days ago

X Showcase is a better naming convention then World X.

DreamfinderGuy2 days ago

I'd wager it would be weirder if they ignored it. It's still a large structure in the park, hence why it's on guide maps still.

DCLcruiser2 days ago

Can we all agree that World Nature, etc just sounds weird? World of Nature, or Nature World, makes sense (not that I like either). World Showcase, works, as it is a showcase of the world.

Epcot82Guy2 days ago

I totally see your point. The issue is the pavilions on each side really don't fit a common narrative very well. I think, now looking more at it, that I'm on Team World Discovery. I think they could actually have the colors transition as you go around the sides. So, you could still have "Nature" (not World Nature) on green signs, "Imagination" on purple, "Design" on blue, "Exploration" on red. Something like that to create some delineation within the park. But, have World Showcase and World Discovery and make it much easier to understand.

James Alucobond2 days ago

With the current structure, I'd rather ... World Gateway. Acts as the park's thesis statement. Includes entrance plaza, Spaceship Earth, Project Tomorrow, Dreamers Point, themed gardens (and please re-add a fountain). World Discovery. Concerned with achievements in technology, communication, and exploration. Should be targeted as a smaller, more concentrated location for modern realization of the old sponsorship model (tap Apple, SpaceX, Chevrolet, etc.). Includes Connections, Creations, Club Cool, Odyssey, Test Track, Mission: SPACE, Wonders of Xandar. World Nature. Tackles the natural world, conservation, ecology, and the natural sciences. Pavilions on this side could be more IP-tied or hosted, e.g. Nemo (Marine Life Institute?), WALL-E (BnL?), Moana, Figment. Includes CommuniCore Hall, Journey of Water, The Land, The Seas, Imagination (re-worked to be about human nature?). World Showcase. Highlights cultures around the world and the (Disney) stories they've inspired. I think that's ultimately more realistic than hoping for them to erect something that effectively delineates the cutoff between The Land and Imagination, for instance.

Epcot81Fan2 days ago

Kind of like “Future World” - again, lots of energy and cost wasted for no actual benefit to create all these meaningless, silly “mini-lands”.

osian2 days ago

EPCOT North didn't need dividing up. World Discovery alone would have been a fitting name for the whole lot. They've gone a little too specific with the neighborhoods, perhaps painting themselves needlessly into a corner with it.