Living with the Land boat ride's technical problems continue at EPCOT

16 days ago in "Living with the Land"

Posted: Wednesday September 1, 2021 11:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT'S Living with the Land boat ride remains closed today as technical problems continue.

The ride closed on August 20th and has not reopened since.

While the exact nature of the problem has not been confirmed, theories include issues with the water pump and the fire suppression systems.

Cast Members at the attraction's entrance this morning say the ride will not restart today and had no information about tomorrow. Boats could be seen at the loading area but were not cycling as of 11:30 am.

The pavilion's other attractions, including Soarin', remain open as normal.

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PolynesianPrincess9 days ago

That's good to know! I personally think a lifetime ban is sufficient for those type of incidents. And with how popular "challenges" are on social media apps right now, I wouldn't be shocked to see more stunts like this pulled at Disney.

JoeCamel9 days ago

I heard security caught up with them shortly after the ride

PolynesianPrincess9 days ago

While this doesn't surprise me, did anything even happen to those people who left the boat and went into the greenhouse? I never saw anything about them being escorted out, etc.. If you're going to have CMs watching the attraction and someone can't act right, they better be escorted out and banned. Otherwise everyone will do it if they know there won't be consequences.

cranbiz9 days ago

No, ammo is too expensive. Warning shots would require another increase in ticket prices. Maybe instead of CM's, make it an upcharge event. give a guest 3 shots for $99.95. For another $79.95. they can have a plate of cupcakes while they wait for someone to get out of line.

TYOTimer13 days ago

Nah, it doesn’t yield enough for the shareholders

CaptainAmerica13 days ago

All is well as of Saturday afternoon.

Movielover13 days ago

The old water was much more thematically appropriate. Now it doesn't even match the rainforest scene. Just another example of modern day Disney messing things up. ;)

Lilofan13 days ago

No money to fund the eye in the sky to observe bad behavior?

castlecake2.013 days ago

When the boats first lost the onboard cm they used to have one stationed between the barn and greenhouses to remind people someone’s watching them

mikeymouse13 days ago

the water looks ... new

Nubs7013 days ago

Looks like forcing open a check valve on condensate return line

TYOTimer13 days ago

Ahhh yes, a wonderful use of Disney’s resources. It’s almost like a motion detecting security camera hasn’t been invented yet

MansionButler8413 days ago

Cam they do it Blue Bayou-style and throw dinner rolls?

muddyrivers13 days ago

And when they see someone they are to pelt them with some food from a nearby table and shout "Hey you kids, get off my ride!"