'it's a small world' closing for refurbishment this summer

May 23, 2016 in "it's a small world"

Posted: Monday May 23, 2016 8:20am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

"it's a small world" at the Magic Kingdom will be closed for refurbishment this summer.

The closure is scheduled to begin on August 22 through to September 15, reopening to guests on September 16 2016.

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Sped2424Nov 13, 2016

It was open at night and the lines were out the door. Tonights crowds were VERY heavy at the mk.

MagicHappens1971Nov 13, 2016

I thought this was the thread but I don't really know. I know when It's a Small World reopened a member noted that these walls were still around parts of the facade, that was a while ago. This picture was taken today, they're still there. The crowds were insane today so it was hard to get a good pic

WEDwaydatamoverJun 22, 2016

Yep this sounds about right! It's no easy task to drain out all the water, vacuum up all those coins, transport them AND then deposit them into all the Coin$tar machines of greater Orlando.

brb1006Jun 22, 2016

I wish Fantasyland decided to make outdoor facades for the older attractions if that was ever possible at this point in time. It would make a great edition for the 50th Anniversary.

skimbobMay 30, 2016

I wish they would get this refurb done before my trip. 9/11-914. DL IASW will be closed for the two week changeover to Christmas on my November trip. I hate to miss one of my favorites.

gmajewMay 25, 2016

They did it in Disneyland

Brian SwanMay 25, 2016

The DL SM track is SO much better than the MK version. But I have NO idea how they could build an entirely new coaster inside of a building that has no room for the cranes needed to to an installation (let alone even get the parts and pieces inside). I'm not a construction guy, but I just don'r see how it could be done without leveling the whole structure and starting from scratch.

Brian SwanMay 25, 2016

The DL overlay is Christmas, not Halloween...

Brian SwanMay 25, 2016

I wonder if they are going to add the "Disney" characters the way the did at DL...

Brian SwanMay 25, 2016

I LOVE the DL overlays; I've seen them many times. I've always heard that the reason WDW has never gotten the overlays is because DL deals with a much larger local crowd, and WDW deals more with the out of town crowd. Closing the attractions for a month or so on each side of the overlay works in DL (and keeps the locals coming back), but would be viewed as a negative for those coming for their once every 3 or 4 years (or one time only) vacation. Also, the MK version of iasw is so ugly compared to the DL version, it would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

ParksAndPixelsMay 25, 2016

They could (very unlikely) use LED panels (with frosted cover / chloroplast / plexi whatever... or lighting to illuminate the backdrop and have it change color palettes / simple looks to colorful arrays. Would be awesome touch during seasonal changes as well. July 4th, Halloween, Christmas etc...

MagicHappens1971May 24, 2016

Honestly, (this would never happen), but they should completely gut Peter Pans Flight, move it to where Philarmagic is, redo the facade, build a Tangled themed trackless dark ride where Peter Pans Flight was. But other then that, yes all of the facades need redos.

admiral-ari-xMay 24, 2016

I hope they can do a bit more than that, I want them to fix the rotating sun that's been stationary for months. Honestly, ALL the buildings should get outdoor facades somewhere down the line like Disneyland... the festival tents look like an outdated nightmare :(

JustInTimeMay 23, 2016

I really like Tokoyo Disneyland's colorful version. Theirs is beautiful. But this is cool and I didn't know.