Disney World's 'it's a small world' to be updated with new dolls in wheelchairs

24 days ago in "it's a small world"

Posted: Friday November 11, 2022 11:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disneyland Resort in California has today unveiled two brand new dolls in wheelchairs at "it's a small world."

According to CNN reporter Natasha Chen, the two new dolls will also appear at Walt Disney World's "it's a small world" attraction in 2023.

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The Mom12 days ago

This discussion has turned into an argument with posters hurling insults back and forth. Time to say goodbye.

JusticeDisney13 days ago

Stop being racist.

nickys13 days ago

But @RSoxNo1 ’s point about it being a spectrum is still a very valid one.

Chi8414 days ago

My take is he believes all attempts at representation of people with disabilities are insincere and ineffective. But it seems his objections are more toward what he sees as the motives or intentions of the people making these changes.

BuddyThomas14 days ago

I thought they answered “yes I am” to this question: “Or do you think it's more important to stop what you perceive is a trend toward too much representation?”

BuddyThomas14 days ago

Seriously?? Please educate us then. Who is entitled to representation and who is not? You basically just said that people with disabilities are not entitled to representation which is absolutely freaking unbelievable. Who else doesn’t get representation if you’re the mayor of Mousetown?

Angel Ariel14 days ago

Oh I’m not! Thank you for the thought though 😊

Chi8414 days ago

I wouldn’t take it personally. My guess is that he considers all efforts at representation disingenuous or “fake.” I don’t think it would matter if he believed what others posted about their own experiences and feelings.

plutofan1514 days ago

Getting too far off topic for this post. Money spent is obviously a factor but there are many other reasons to miss projections.

Angel Ariel14 days ago

I was as well, but trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

thomas99814 days ago

Well think about it for a minute. If they hadn't spent 30 billion on content do you think they would have had such a large loss?

plutofan1514 days ago

No. Not correct. Numerous factors can cause a company to not meet projected earnings not solely because they spent too much money.

Chi8414 days ago

I interpreted as all of the above. Not being honest or sincere, not being the norm and that what matters most is stopping the trend toward more representation.

peter1143514 days ago

You yourself said they were losing money. That means they would be spending more than they were making. That didn’t happen. The missed expectations were not numbers they gave the street. Companies give guidance that analysts use along with many other factors to determine expectations. Disney didn’t tell analysts they would make more than they did. There are many reasons Chapek was fired. Things were building. Poor performance is certainly one of them… the company loosing money is not.