Disney shares more details on the addition of dolls in wheelchairs at 'it's a small world'

Nov 18, 2022 in "it's a small world"

Posted: Friday November 18, 2022 1:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a new post on the official Disney Parks Blog, Disney Cast Members involved in the update of "it's a small world" talk about the addition of wheelchairs to further recognize diversity and inclusion in the iconic celebration of children across the globe.

"This addition builds on 'it's a small world's longstanding legacy of diverse representation," said Kim Irvine, executive creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. "We designed this wheelchair very much in the Mary Blair style and worked with the various [partners] to create the filigree and floral motifs … to make sure [the design] fit in with the attraction," said Kim.

The doll represents a Latin American child in a wheelchair, and is featured in both the Latin America region and finale of "it's a small world." The costume design stemmed from the late Alice Davis, who made her legendary mark on the attraction through her authentic designs that represent the diverse regions.

"It's always amazing to see a project develop from concept design to the final installation," said Walt Disney Imagineering Producer Michele Hobbs, who was an ongoing part of the process. "The emotion and sheer dedication by everyone involved was inspiring. It is so meaningful for Walt Disney Imagineering and our Disneyland Resort cast members. We know our guests will find it equally incredible."

Disney anticipates adding dolls in wheelchairs to the "it's a small world" attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris in 2023.

Head to the Disney parks Blog to read more from the Cast Members.

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wdwfan22Mar 05, 2023

It was a nice addition now go back and fix everything else that’s broke and burnt out.

nickf456Mar 04, 2023

This is such a heartwarming addition that should add smiles on so many people's faces. Disney, more of these types of wholesome additions please and thank you :)

NunuMar 03, 2023

"Everyone", really? Hmmm, NO. Speak for yourself.

Weather_LadyMar 03, 2023

I have a college friend who became a paraplegic due to a horrible car accident, uses a wheelchair, and coincidentally happens to be an accomplished flautist: I don't believe she'd call the ability to see herself represented in the Disney parks on an attraction -- even though it's the only one -- "wasted time and effort." And how expensive was it, really? They made a chair for a doll. I'll say what the rest of us are actually thinking -- it was a kind gesture for Disney to make.

CampbellzSoupMar 02, 2023

Absolutely fantastic addition

JohnDMar 02, 2023

Thanks. I'll look for it on my next trip coming up in April.

AndyS2992Mar 02, 2023

It's right at the very start in the Europe section. It's the first row of dolls you see as you go under the 'Happiest Cruise' arch. It's in the section listed as 'Scandinavia', on a map I have anyway.

AndyS2992Mar 02, 2023

A nice addition, and I like that it's a different doll and not the same South American doll from California duplicated. I don't know why they don't add more sitting dolls anyway, not necessarily in wheelchairs. It adds variety rather than having them all standing in pretty much the same pose.

JohnDMar 02, 2023

What section is it in?

Prince-1Mar 02, 2023

Inclusivity should always be welcomed at Disney. A great addition to the ride.

Tony the TiggerMar 02, 2023

Well done.

Weather_LadyMar 02, 2023

Darling! Designed so well, it looks like it's always been there.

sheriffwoodyMar 02, 2023

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person :inlove:

ToTBellHopMar 02, 2023