A look at the new Main Street U.S.A. projections added to Magic Kingdom's Happily Ever After firework spectacular

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Happily Ever After Main Street U.S.A. projections
Posted: Thursday March 16, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Happily Ever After makes its long-awaited return to Magic Kingdom on April 3, 2023, and new this year is the addition of projections along the length of Main Street U.S.A.

The projectors were installed for Walt Disney World's 50th celebration as part of Disney Enchantment.

Apart from the projections on Main Street U.S.A., the returning Happily Ever After is nearly identical to the original 2017 version, including the full firework load in place of the cutback versions which appeared over the years.

Watch the video below to see more of Happily Ever After from its recent preview performance. 'Happily Ever After' will return at 9pm on April 3, 2023.

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zulemara6 days ago

Thanks for posting, bookmarking this. Having a bad day? Take 3 min and turn the day around - no crowds required! Haha

Disney Glimpses7 days ago

They are designed to last for a decade (or longer), so I don't believe they would be considered "retired." My guess is they will return for EF. They likely simply weren't compatible with Harm.

cjkeating7 days ago

If they weren't used for Harm then do we think they are still there? Wouldn't they be 'retired equipment' because they aren't required for the new permanent show? Forever was never meant to come back...

jrhwdw7 days ago

Those were not used for Harm????????

Disney Glimpses8 days ago

I can't imagine with that level of investment, they just abandon them on top of Fantasyland roofs.

Squishy8 days ago

These are also used for Epcot forever so it will be interesting to see if they return with it.

Disney Glimpses8 days ago

Supposedly these things cost upwards of $300,000+ per unit. What I don't understand is that if some are in need of repair, it would certainly be a fraction of that. Can't imagine a scenario they would need replacement that would not be covered by warranty or something. Unless maybe there are parts on back order for many months; which is certainly a possibility. The ones on the Fantasyland roofs are the Falcon Beam 2 by AO Lighting.

gerarar8 days ago

It's from the original bts video right before HEA debuted. They even dedicated like 10 secs to highlight them; from installation of the mega lights, to programming, to them in action in the show. That's how you know it was a super important element in the original show. Happens around the 3 mins mark Side note, I always go back to this video because not only does it always gives me chills, it's so nice to see all the pieces come together beautifully. They didn't do anything like this for DE or Harmonius afaik..

Disney Glimpses8 days ago

Weather enclosure when not in use. They are incredibly, incredibly expensive (which makes me think one or several are in need of repair/replacement and that's why they are not running). Hopefully temporary.

jrhwdw8 days ago

Do we know why they're covered up with a Tarp?

Disney Glimpses8 days ago

@gerarar is like the ultimate spotlight sleuth! great work. I don't recall ever seeing them up close.

gerarar8 days ago

Well good thing they haven't removed them yet. The mega spotlights are still there, just been covered up with a white tarp or something for the past 7+ months. Hopefully they're just awaiting repairs or something. I really want them to come back.. From @bioreconstruct last month: Up close:

jrhwdw8 days ago

Man!!! MK is top of it with the B Roll since 2017!!!!!!! 3 HEA's, 2 DE's!!!!!! I wonder if Wishes ever got Official B Roll?

wtyy218 days ago

I forgot to share something but this is B-Roll of Happily Ever After. https://wdwnews.com/videos/2023/03/15/happily-ever-after-b-roll/