Happily Ever After fireworks show returning to Walt Disney World

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Happily Ever After preview
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 1:35pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fan favorite firework show 'Happily Ever After' will return to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 2023.

'Disney Enchantment' is expected to come to an end alongside the conclusion of Walt Disney World's 50th celebration in March, with 'Happily Ever After' taking its place from April 2023.

Speaking at D23 Expo, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro said that an "the popular anthem 'Happily Ever After' will play again when an updated nighttime spectacular returns to light up the skies over Cinderella Castle."

Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer performed "Happily Ever After" to announce its return to Magic Kingdom.

Fan reaction to the 50th 'Disney Enchantment' show was poor, so it comes as no surprise that it had a limited 18-month run at Magic Kingdom.

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gerarar12 days ago

I think this pretty much confirms that Angie will remain as co-singer (as predicted). She posted a clip of Jordan and her singing it with the caption "2023 ❤️".

Kevin_W14 days ago

Even if tbe same woman, recoeding in a studio vs live on stage would make a difference.

ToTBellHop17 days ago

Certainly doesn’t give the impression that she would block that.

gerarar17 days ago

Even though Angie Keilhauer (co-singer of HEA) couldn't be present yesterday due to her band tour, she did repost this earlier today on her story: So cross fingers she's still part of the show?!

jrhwdw17 days ago

Well MK added Walt to DE in August so we can say that DE was worked on first....

Zummi Gummi17 days ago

I'm not Steve, but I would have to believe that Harmonious is the bigger disappointment. They hyped that show like crazy, repeating often that it was the largest nighttime show they'd ever done. I can't imagine it was cheap, and I can't imagine they planned for it to be gone in less than two years. RoE was in service for a good 20 years; there's no way they expected to have to replace a show this quickly.

TarzanRocked99-17 days ago

@Steve I find all of this absolutely fascinating. Both shows (DE and Harm) premiered to mixed reviews at best and neither seemed to gain traction over time. Can you shed some light on which of the two started down the path of replacement first and how all of this played out behind the scenes? It’s truly unprecedented that they would pull the plug on both. Although I couldn’t be more thrilled!

arich3517 days ago

I mean most people (me included) probably won't be able to tell what fireworks are different, maybe the projections but I think the song and voiceover is the main part people know/remember

gerarar18 days ago

It was a shortened version too, they cut out the third verse.

stitchcastle18 days ago

is it too much to hope for the Disney Dreams/Celebrate! fountains to be ported over for the new show?

jrhwdw18 days ago

Who was She anyway? I thought it was a little slow but, they did the HEA Single, not the Pyro HEA.

mnelson318 days ago

For the love of everything let her Not be in a re recording of the song if they do re record it.

gerarar18 days ago

Here's the full performance of the Happily Ever After theme song, which opened the panel/presentation. Jordan Fisher always giving his best.

SteamboatJoe18 days ago

Coco and Encanto seem like the most logical music additions, especially given their potential permanent presence in MK. Disneyland's Together Forever featured a lively The World Es Mi Famila segement (including pop up skeleton figures on top of the Main Street shops) that I could see them using. Frozen 2 is an option as well but you have to think they will want to diversify with some fresher IPs instead of going to the Frozen well again. Just please no Slaughter Race.