Happily Ever After fireworks show returning to Walt Disney World

Sep 11, 2022 in "Happily Ever After"

Happily Ever After preview
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 1:35pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fan favorite firework show 'Happily Ever After' will return to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 2023.

'Disney Enchantment' is expected to come to an end alongside the conclusion of Walt Disney World's 50th celebration in March, with 'Happily Ever After' taking its place from April 2023.

Speaking at D23 Expo, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro said that an "the popular anthem 'Happily Ever After' will play again when an updated nighttime spectacular returns to light up the skies over Cinderella Castle."

Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer performed "Happily Ever After" to announce its return to Magic Kingdom.

Fan reaction to the 50th 'Disney Enchantment' show was poor, so it comes as no surprise that it had a limited 18-month run at Magic Kingdom.

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TrainsOfDisney16 days ago

Like a night parade? Or longer park hours? Crazy talk! It’s impossible to do that! Haha Also…. I can’t believe how much enchantment hate there is. You all need to be forced to watch Mickeys Mix magic so you’ll be thankful!!! Haha

mattpeto16 days ago

It's a cool thing they do during that week. It was better when it replaced Enchantment, but still neat.

wtyy2116 days ago

Confirmed: Happily Ever After fireworks be replaced by Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime fireworks (previously part of MVMCP) from December 23-29, followed by Fantasy in the Sky fireworks on December 30-31. So, December 21 would be the final performance of the revamped (with Main street projections) Happily Ever After this year and will be return on January 1, 2024. The showtime still at 8pm for non-perimeter version of Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime fireworks. https://blogmickey.com/2023/11/disney-world-adds-showtimes-for-christmas-week-entertainment-at-magic-kingdom/

Fido Chuckwagon17 days ago

Party season.

jrhwdw18 days ago

Tonight's the first night I heard Main Street Capacity Announcements for HEA since the 50th ended, and Main Street was completely full 30min before HEA! Does the Capacity Announcements play most nights? I'm guessing DE never made Main Street full to capacity?

Starship82420 days ago

This is my 4k edit of Happily Ever After, it's not perfect but I did my best with it as I only had one night film and I think it came out pretty good.

TTA94Oct 25, 2023

Saw that to. Interesting. Probably something is in the works for every park other than WDW though lol. Btw nice to hear Steve Davison is still with the company. I was wondering if maybe he had left.

jrhwdwOct 25, 2023

Should be interesting if USF gets their Lagoon working next Summer..and if that affects MK.... Don't know if this is the right place but saw on X(from that site) that Steve Davidson confirmed the more Drones are coming to Disney Parks. No specific Parks were mentioned.

TTA94Oct 25, 2023

True forgot that one and FITS.

Starship824Oct 24, 2023


MisterPenguinOct 24, 2023

Counter example : 4th of July show.

TTA94Oct 24, 2023

They refuse to go back to anything that took place before HEA it seems. Probably because Wishes had no projections and they “assume” that very few would be interested in a show without projections.

SpectroMan93Oct 24, 2023

Interesting they didn't go with Wishes if they're hoping adding fireworks sells the event. Wishes is definitely more beloved and would have the nostalgia factor behind it as well.

TTA94Oct 24, 2023

Imo bringing DE back doesn’t accomplish anything other than the hope it sells the events. They need something to go along with HEA on a nightly basis to help the mass park exit and to keep guests in the park. But apparently they don’t think it’s needed 🤷‍♂️