VIDEO - Donald Trump animatronic added to all new Hall of Presidents show at the Magic Kingdom

Dec 18, 2017 in "The Hall of Presidents"

Posted: Monday December 18, 2017 4:57pmEDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Hall of Presidents has reopened today after a near year long update to include President Donald Trump.

Officially opening on December 19 2017, the Hall of Presidents is an all new show, complete with a new film, narration, and the audio-animatronic Donald Trump.

The 22 minute show follows the same format as before, with a historic film detailing the history of the United States presidency, followed by a reveal of all presidents on stage.

Here is a look at the new Donald Trump animatronic figure.

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AcidsplatJan 29, 2019

Yeah, the shape of the AA's head definitely has a resemblance to her's

GoofyernmostJan 29, 2019

iHeart forgot that there are still 2 years left before that starts to add in. I rounded up or down partial years depending on my mood. Either way I will not be here to experience it at all. We are statistically correct either way Plus or minus 2 years. One is 120 years away approx. and the other is 60 years away, approx. By then.. ain't nobody gonna remember what the current dudes looked like or care.

solidyneJan 29, 2019

OK, one of y'all's math is off.

GoofyernmostJan 28, 2019

I would think that unless the political scene changes that show is going to be nothing but a few nearly stationary Presidents. Anyone before FDR is not really a commonly known appearance for most people. Not a single one after that actually look like the person except for certain distinctive features to make them look reasonably familiar. The history of the Hall of Presidents has to include all of them. Who would you leave out, the founding fathers of the country? Whether or not the attraction even exists down the road to the 60th or beyond is not guaranteed. From right now forward if every President served two terms (8 years) by the time we get to President #60 it will be the year 2143 before that happens. I don't plan to wait around to see what they do about that. They have time to add on to the stage. Even if they only served one term that would take us to about 2080. I'm not waiting for that one either.

Tony the TiggerJan 28, 2019

JohnDJan 28, 2019

No arguing that.

MisterPenguinJan 28, 2019

That's because your 10 y.o. doesn't know who Marjorie Main is.

PatchesleeJan 28, 2019

I just showed my 10yo the AA pic only and she recognized him so guess by a 10yo standard it's okay lol

deeevoJan 28, 2019

Jimmy Carter looks like Steve Martin.

EricsBiscuitJan 28, 2019

I know they did a lot of work in the theater itself. They probably also refreshed the other AAs.

larryzJan 28, 2019

By 2139, Orlando should be about 20 feet under the surface. On the positive side, Ariel's Grotto will be a lot more realistic.

MisterPenguinJan 28, 2019

There's precedent...

redsfan4lifeJan 28, 2019

Yes I just looked at the article 13 maybe 14 look realistic

ThelazerJan 28, 2019

I still say they tried to re-use a Hillery mask.