Disney World's Hall of Presidents Closing Briefly Mid-June 2024

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The Hall of Presidents Audio-Animatronics 2023
Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2024 11:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to the official Walt Disney World operating calendar, The Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom will be closed to guests June 9 - 10, 2024.

While Disney has not given a reason for the closure, it is likely related to media events at Magic Kingdom for the opening of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Disney typically uses theater space for presentations and interview opportunities for invited media.

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wdwmagic14 days ago

Here is a look the Hall of Presidents setup for the media event today

EeyoreFan#2423 days ago

I thought I saw somewhere that the current president is the same AA regardless who winds because it needs more movement for the speech. Once the president goes to background actor, it’s a very basic addition to the lineup and they move the clothes and outside stuff from the current one. If that is correct, it should just be some moving around. I guess either way, there’s no net addition to the AA lineup so hopefully an easy transition.

TrainsOfDisney24 days ago

While I enjoyed the tradition of having the current President give a speech, I feel like the current version is ideal for the times - Washington and Lincoln get a “speech” and the current President simply recites the oath of office.

eddie10424 days ago

TheRealSkull24 days ago

Yeah, but to be fair, if Trump is re-elected, that isn't two consecutive terms. So it might be appropriate doing an update, considering when the 2021 version opened, they made some improvements and modifications to his figure, but who's to say that isn't just a recycled animatronic from somewhere that can't even be programmed to talk now? If he's reelected, WDI may have to create a new animatronic for Trump to include a speech, also assuming they don't just have the other one they can use. And even if they did, they wouldn't dare put that back up onstage, considering all of the bad press it got. Or they just put the one they have now up there and don't even include the speech or the Oath of Office.

Lilofan24 days ago

I saw an old video where WDW cast went to DC to meet with Obama when he recorded his speech for HOP. I think he used the same speech for 8 years as POTUS.

adam.adbe24 days ago

Only one Walt, and he is there to introduce animatronic Bob Iger. Bob, for his part, will introduce us to an exciting new triple play bundle for D+ subscribers.

Comped24 days ago

Nobody remembers him. Or Warren G. Harding. At least Taft's campaign song was entertaining!

larryz25 days ago

No matter who wins, I would expect a longer Lincoln speech and a wave from 47.

TeriofTerror26 days ago

With some The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band thrown in? Yes, please!

Sirwalterraleigh26 days ago

Well they bought his name 60 years ago…so does that qualify as IP? 🤔 Bob: “GREENLIGHT 🚥”

WaluigiTime26 days ago

Maybe they are replacing all the presidents with animatronic Walt Disneys

Sirwalterraleigh26 days ago


Bocabear26 days ago

I love that show....and when they redid the Washington and Lincoln figures years ago, they seemed to spend more time on those two each doing a speech then the current sitting president... Perhaps it's time to just have Washington and Lincoln as the two speaking presidents...the other can just nod when they are introduced....until a time comes when the world is a little less politically charged.....