The Hall of Presidents set for a near 6 month refurbishment

Oct 04, 2016 in "The Hall of Presidents"

Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2016 8:24am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom is set to close for a long refurbishment in 2017, which will presumably see the show updated to include the new President of the United States.

The closure is planned to begin on January 17 through to June 29, with a reopening to guests on June 30 2017.

In 2008, the addition of Barack Obama saw the attraction close for 8 months, with a complete rework of the show taking place in addition to the inclusion of Obama.

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Princess LeiaNov 06, 2017

We know the AA has been made, though Disney hasn’t made that announcement official yet. Since it’s pretty obvious this won’t be open this fall, Disney should come out and say that while the animatronic is finished, the audio has not been recorded or something. It’s a nondescript announcement, but better than not saying anything at all.

brb1006Nov 06, 2017

It's going to be a long wait till Disney gives an update on the return of Hall Of Presidents folks.

aw14Nov 06, 2017

I would need to see the specifics from which you are referring. Personally, I just hate the term being used "willy nilly", especially a term of that magnitude.

Tony the TiggerNov 06, 2017

I agree. But the people in question are calling themselves Nazis, at least the ones to which I'm referring.

Sir_CliffNov 05, 2017

If these are unsubstantiated rumours that both parties denied, it seems unfair to disqualify Morgan Freeman from anything on those grounds.

Princess LeiaNov 04, 2017 this is the first i’ve read about this. However, this is the same step granddaughter who was stabbed to death in an exorcism a couple years ago, poor woman

Cesar R MNov 03, 2017

No, I mean as in replacement with no scandals. wait.. what?

The MomNov 01, 2017

Step grand daughter.

ChrisFLNov 01, 2017

Morgan Freeman had a scandal too about a young girl (relative)?

Cesar R MNov 01, 2017

President Morgan Freeman would do ;) But considering the current events.. President Camacho would fit :hilarious:

Princess LeiaOct 31, 2017

In light of recent events, I rescind my suggestion that Kevin Spacey should be the narrator :( the whole thing is icky now.

Cesar R MOct 30, 2017

Why you think he's being facetious? There are more "less" crazy nazists.. who just want everything to be like the "good ol' america". (where blacks stayed in their place, there were no "dirty mexicans" and "muslims" were nonexistant"). Aka the white supremacist group. So does "Liberal" "Commie" and "Socialist". Same for "snowflake" and many other terms. As for NEO Nazism, right now its used for people who ACTUALLY want to follow the guidelines of Nazis in their "arian" and "white" superiority over the others. Also the current group differs from the usual nazism, is because they mask themselves as your "typical good boy" who has a good job, dresses well, etc.. aka they try to be portrayed like a good person for the eyes of others. This is the new technique used to portrait themselves as "not bad" or "not murdering psychopaths" that fit the stigma of the old nazism under German rule. There is a reason they act that way you know. And its to win votes and positions.. gain approval etc.. Funnily, Hitler and his groups did the same in the first years until they consolidated the power. They tricked even the Austrian clergy before Hitler himself sent his youth violent groups to attack and dispose the clergy.

Cesar R MOct 30, 2017

Hitler had close ones who had ties with Jews in his cabinet and close group. He defended them. As for my opinions.. Trump is always "anything for me and only me, the rest can" In short, he loves the laws when its convenient for him and hates them when they don't. Remember The golfing attacks on Obama? Whos golfing more now? Aka when It affects others.. GO FOR IT.. but when it does affect him.. HELL NO. So no, I do not think Trump himself is Nazi or anything related to that. He just hates ANyONE who isn't like him or applauds him for whatever crap he did. The problem is the members of his cabinet or those who he huddles (which he needs to stablish himself when he has disapproval from all the other groups except the hardcore conservatives and the most extremists hate groups) In short, he's hugging the hate groups for convenience. But that strategy might bit him very hard when said group gains power and makes some serious event. Lol dude, its called "having the minimal required groups to show that I am totally not racist(tm)" aka a quota. Have you seen these group photos for when leaders do announcements? specially in america they are very specifically crafted to have a "crowd" of supporters behind. And they always have "token" officials who are of certain ethnic groups to show that the "administration" supports them. As for your claim about no half jews.. There is a huge difference in being "JEW" as in converting to judaism but being born X thing. versus being natively from the land of Israel and of an specific ethnic.

drizgirlOct 30, 2017

But they've found that calling people certain names shuts them up pretty fast. It's why they do it. I think it's already losing its impact though from overuse.