PHOTOS - Guardians of the Galaxy construction at Epcot from inside the park

May 21, 2019 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction inside park - May 2019
Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2019 11:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With most the Guardians of the Galaxy's coaster building now enclosed, here is a look at what will be the main entrance, queue and pre-show for the new Epcot ride.

The former Universe of Energy building is still just a shell, with a clear sight line from front to back through the building.

There is almost 2 years of construction still to go before the ride's planned spring 2021 opening.

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ChrisFL15 hours ago

Seems like the paint thing is a combination of trying to keep the budget low, but also working against different color choices, and realizing that they would have to do more to fix the underlying issues? Feels like a lot of stuff is happening by committee. Was there any other Disney buildings that met this kind of paint issue before...I mean they did the color swatches on the Communicore building recently before deciding on a final color

Surferboy56720 hours ago

Hoping they will release some looks inside the building soon. So we can get a look at the queue, and ride. EDIT: Any bets on what songs they use for the ride?

Disstevefan120 hours ago

It’s very strange to me they are spinning their wheels on paint when there is so much else to do!

James Alucobond21 hours ago

Which is why I’m not sure if this is just primer or something else, but I have no way of knowing just from these photos.

SplashZander21 hours ago

Perhaps there was Surface Pressure?

Patcheslee21 hours ago

It's almost like the surface finish was different.

James Alucobond21 hours ago

They’re copper here. The final color is charcoal. They’ve held off on this specific one until just now. Not a great picture, but you can vaguely make out the textural issues with that rib in particular here:

TikibirdLand21 hours ago

Here's a photo from December. It appears that all the left-side ribs have been painted. What am I missing?

James Alucobond21 hours ago

To the extent that progress has been visible to the public, it’s not been necessary to do this to the other ribs. The others were painted the same way with no apparent primer; outward-facing surface first, inside edges second, design details last. I think there’s just something wrong with this rib. As I can’t see it firsthand, I won’t immediately assume it’s primer, but there was definitely something odd about the surface in photographs before this that wasn’t the case with any of the others.

CntrlFlPete21 hours ago

I just found it so odd. I agree that looks to be primer in white -- it has the sides primed as well yet the charcoal ribs still have tan on the sides.

James Alucobond21 hours ago

This one was never painted gray. It’s been copper the whole time, presumably because they need to do something to it. The copper on the top two thirds looked very different from the application on the bottom third, so either they used different batches of paint or the surface was taking it differently for some reason.

TikibirdLand21 hours ago

admittedly, I didn't see these in person. Have you seen it? Did the gray look splotchy? Maybe it's just me. But, I make my kids buy those small sample mixes from Home Depot before they go with a final color. There's no "changing minds" once the materials are bought.

James Alucobond22 hours ago

Again, they’ve only changed their minds once on this project in terms of actual paint application, from copper to charcoal. The white that has been applied to the frontmost rib on the left is likely either a primer or something to actually repair the surface. This rib in particular seemed to take paint really unevenly for whatever reason.

TikibirdLand22 hours ago

What logical reason do they have for repainting this YET AGAIN?! Have they not spent all the budget they set aside, or what? If that's the case, I know a certain CoP that could use the funds...