PHOTOS - Guardians of the Galaxy construction at Epcot from inside the park

May 21, 2019 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction inside park - May 2019

With most the Guardians of the Galaxy's coaster building now enclosed, here is a look at what will be the main entrance, queue and pre-show for the new Epcot ride.

The former Universe of Energy building is still just a shell, with a clear sight line from front to back through the building.

There is almost 2 years of construction still to go before the ride's planned spring 2021 opening.

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Article Posted: May 21, 2019 / 11:56am ET
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tparris15 days ago

Nice to see something going in that area once again. It was so weird seeing the courtyard sans-water feature.

DCBaker15 days ago

_caleb16 days ago

If you want a “sneak peek,” go to ITM, where they have an entire post dedicated to this photo of the interior queue area through a split in the construction scrim:

ChrisFL16 days ago

I think nearly all of the updates are going to be inside the buildings, so will be difficult to see any updates until it's nearly finished.

JEANYLASER16 days ago

Ok! I wait Mister Penguin!

MisterPenguin17 days ago

Yes. People post the updates here when they have them. Just need to be patient and watch for them.

JEANYLASER17 days ago

:confused: Any update of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind let?:confused:

Movielover23 days ago

Way long ago @marni1971 posted a "semi accurate-ish" top down drawing of the layout. Any chance Marni that we can see a side view height drawing?

ppete197526 days ago

also inside which helps, i guess test tracks outdoor section can get a bit loud. I dont know i guess i just like the more park feeling of disney.

ppete197526 days ago

I dont think any of those can compete with a six flags or other "amusement park" as far as noise, splashs drop can get a bit loud but thats more a quick fun yelp that a constant roller coaster scream. Then again disney is a master of sound and acoustics, i wouldnt doubt they build attractions to mask some of it. As far as clacks im more referring to the old style tall roller coasters that clack you up the entire lift tower. The newer launched coasters arent nearly as loud... and dont get me started on the old wooden ones....

DCLcruiser26 days ago

RnRC should make you happy. No clacks, mostly just...DUDE LOOKS LIKE LADY!

ppete197526 days ago

How big is your house!!!! :)

_caleb26 days ago

I agree. Except BTMRR, I like that. And 7DMT. And Everest. Oh, and Splash, which also had the clacks and screams. Ok, I'm ok with the clacks and screams.

ImperfectPixie26 days ago