PHOTOS - Guardians of the Galaxy construction at Epcot from inside the park

May 21, 2019 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Guardians of the Galaxy construction inside park - May 2019

With most the Guardians of the Galaxy's coaster building now enclosed, here is a look at what will be the main entrance, queue and pre-show for the new Epcot ride.

The former Universe of Energy building is still just a shell, with a clear sight line from front to back through the building.

There is almost 2 years of construction still to go before the ride's planned spring 2021 opening.

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Article Posted: May 21, 2019 / 11:56am ET
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EricsBiscuit32 minutes ago

Disney did something very Machiavellian and quite genius. When you’re fresh meat, you kill and throw them something fresher! By putting out two hideous monstrosities in the WSL, they have made GotG showbuilding look like small peanuts!

wannabeBelle4 hours ago

CaptainNicko7 hours ago

MisterPenguin10 hours ago

The main skill is being able to sing sweetly such that the animals will sweep and clean the place up. Saves tons on labor cost.

CaptainNicko17 hours ago

So.... it's open then? What sort of qualifications are you looking for?

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Greystone started calling himself that at the M&Gs, so, I had to kick him out of the park.

EricsBiscuit1 day ago

Who is the Lord Protector of Animal Kingdom?

DCLcruiser2 days ago

Maybe there will be GotG branded Exxon gas gift cards available.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Both GotG and Ellen's will have at least The Big Bang in common.

Tegan pilots a chicken2 days ago

Oh you know they will! I’m an EPCOT purist but also a huge Marvel fan so *insert two red buttons meme here*

FigmentForever962 days ago

Oh no doubt it’ll have some sort of retro tie back to the original ride. Then they can start selling baby groot merch along with the Figment merch.

Tegan pilots a chicken2 days ago

I’m sure there will be some sort of homage to UoE. And considering Quill’s adoration of music, who knows. Could actually work.

FigmentForever962 days ago

I’m not thrilled about the attraction but I was listening to EPCOT Center soundtracks and had the exit music for OG Universe of Energy playing. Having it play while you are moving through the attraction almost like Starlord had the music playing would be a pretty cool nod to the original attraction. I doubt it would happen but a thought

larryz7 days ago

You may, however, claim the title of "Present at the Animal Kingdom" any time you're in town.