Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind: The talent behind Disney World's fan-favorite thrill ride

Mar 13, 2024 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Posted: Wednesday March 13, 2024 10:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineer Jason Scott has posted an official credits list for one of Walt Disney World's most popular new attractions, 'Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind' at EPCOT.

The project's official credits unveil a remarkable assembly of talent, from Disney's own Imagineering team to a diverse array of external vendors and consultants.

This list includes everyone from the creative leads and engineers to the construction teams and technical consultants, all of whom contributed to creating 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.' Hats off to everyone on the list for their collective expertise and dedication to bringing the attraction to life.


Aaron M Leahy
Abigail D Light
Adam Hendershot
Agathy G Christakis A
lan Wilcox
Alex Campbell
Alex Wright
Alexander V Moser
Alexis Blackwell-Brown
Alexis Shirley
Alyssa Valencia
Amanda Holland
Andres Ovalles
Andrew Malluck
Anna Ruse
Anthony (Bubba) Morris
Armand Dao
Asher Harder
Ashley Levine
Audrey Victoria Hauser
Ben Bowser
Bette Lombardi
Brent Hutchins
Brian Cramer
Brian Orr
Brian Tran
Camila 'Nina' Montoya
Carolina Marrero
Carolyn M Bellino
Casey Fields
Casey Wilson
Celeste Scavone
Charlie Sedor
Chris Higgs
Chris Smith
Christoph Wagner
Christopher W Higgs
Chuck Weber
Claudia Hartman
Colin Happ
Colleen Meyers
Corban Prim
Craig Tadaki
Curtis Edwards
Dan Brookwell
Dan Hunter
Daniel Joseph
Danielle Aucoin
Darren Odum
David Hardiman
David Ward
Dennis B Kats
Derek Howard
Dewayne Morris
Diego Parras
Don Matz
Donna Lenartowicz
Ed Fritz
Ed Hanna
Elery Borton
Eliana Almario
Eric Swapp
Ess Fortunato
Evan Miga
Francis Bourque
Frank Allison
Gabriel Charles JeanSimon Sr
Galen Lande
Glenn Koch
Glenn Poston
Gordon Levin
Graham Johnson
Greg Esteban
Heath Miller
Jake Ellis
JamieLynn McGuinness
Jason Read
Jeff Lehn
Jennifer Serna
Jeremy Bergamo
Jerry Frame
Jessica Klouda
Jill Stern
Jim Armagost
Jodi McLaughlin
Joe Husung
Joe Parinella
Joe Vitale
John Dennis
John E Swapp
John Higgins
John L Dennis
John Mauro
Jon Hough
Jordyn Rainone
Jose Miranda
Joseph Kadin
Jumoke Adebimpe
Kaitlin Pechin
Kassandra Rose
Katherine R Dayton
Kathy Janus
Keith Mazzella
Kelly Kipp
Kelsey Roberts
Ken Horii
Ken Petersen
Kevin Doxey
Kevin Krumwiede
Kristen De Jonge
Lance Hanson
Larry Pool
Levin Gordon
Lisa Sun
Lisa M Freeman Liz Diaz
Malorie Olin
Marcus A Hurst
Mariana Sanchez
Mark White
Matt Irwin
Matt Smith
Mattalyn Miller
Matthew Wadsworth
Max Friedrich
Meghan C Short
Meghan Debski
Meghan Short
Melissa M Jackson
Micah Gamache
Michael Bingham
Michael Curley
Michael Romero
Michelle Kniffen
Mike McCormick
Mila Savchenko
Nancy Goodwin
Nicholas A Thadeio
Nicholas G Sayles
Paola Soriano
Pat Neely
Patrick Kearney
Patrick Purser
Paul Nowell
Peyton Buhler
Phil Wilde
Philip (JR) Weidner
Philip Hubbert
Rachel Lambdin
Rachel Weston
Ralph Colpietro
Randy Fox
Rich Conway
Rich Owens
Richard E Enders
Robert Zielbauer
Ron Bacon
Ryan Adams
Scot Drake
Scott Kelly
Shelley Sizemore
Sierra Grace Cyprian
Sophia Letzring
Spencer Lynn
Stephanie A Shelley
Stephanie Romaine
Stephen M Fortunato
Steve Royal
Steve Spiegel
Tawnya Foster
Thomas Vincent Gabriel
Tim Wirtz
Tom Fitzgerald
Tony "Bubba" Morris
Trey Flores
Valerie Chen
Vanessa Doherty
Victoria Bryer
Vince Lombardi
Will Baggett
Wyatt Winter
Zach Riddley


Joe Stewart
Scott Hutcherson
David Kennedy
Jim Case
Mike White
Alexis Grysiak
Ron Klempner
John Dent
Melissa Valiquette
Jason Deno
Sam Ruggiero
Kartika Rodriguez
David Essenthier
Roger Arnold
Alexis Bianco
Manny Dumas
Michelle Demarest
Sam Ruggiero
Steven Hale
Katie Kelly
Brandi Keogh Ward
David Killian
Jeffrey Lapeters
Erin Staymates
Gary Singleton
Kenneth Young


Jim Duncan
Greg Esteban
Chad Severance
Dewayne Morris
Christoph Wagner
Josh Chapel


Jason McFadden
Jimmy Briggs
Sam Webber
Olga Dunham
Michelle Balliet
Glen Malliet
Justin Evans
Jay Kohler
Dana Burzo
Katie Gonzales
Scott Hern
Tanner Richerson
Mike Adams
Dale Lauzon
Thomas Kappaz
Chris Thronson
Darrell Bolden
Ken Stiles
Jon Peterson
Matt Morici
Ken Jeck
Matt Norris
Rome Overmyer
Kelton Oberle
Shaun Hacker
Mary Meade
Lori Baker
John Dobbins
Tyler Donnell
Steve Mertens


Gary Gast
Dave Gower
Jeff Forrer
Randy Elkin


Dave Myers
Marchalle Gant
Teague Peak
Amanda Texas
Rebecca Ridderhoff
Gene Behrmann
Jenna Endres
Joe Windler
Sarah Cooper
Jason Bullard
Garrett George
Jeff Havlik
Sarah Cooper
Jason Bullard
Garrett George
Jeff Havlik


Jaime Vasquez
Joe Ales
Mauricio Lopez
Drew Willi
Annaliesa Watters


Kristen Williams
Aaron Borges
Christopher Large
David Rossetti
Nathan Hutchings
Dayna Hedges
Eugene Kolankowsky


Math Van Zeelandt
Benjamin Bloemendaal
Lex Ebus
Charlotte Van Etten


Charlie Blymier


Keith Oropeza

Additional Vendors

Adirondack Studios
Artistic Entertainment Services
Barton Engineering Solutions, LLC
Black Wolf
Brilliant Creative Fabrication
Candela Controls
Clark Door
Clark Reder Engineering Inc.
Daisy Fresh
Design Communications Ltd
Designing Manufacturing Installation
Edwards Design Services
Elite AV
Glazing Management & Consultants
Hinchey Design Co
Inter-America Stage
Icarus Exhibits, Inc.
Intex Entertainment
Lighting Systems Design, Inc.
McCollough Yachts LLC
McLaren Engineering Group
Muskrat Ranch, LLC
ProSound Entertainment
Simon-Kaloi Engineering
Sound Sculpture
Spitz, Inc.
TAW Custom Equipment (Tampa Armature Works,
ThemeWorks Incorporated
Uni-Systems Engineering
Versa Integrity Group, Inc. Woodcraft
Wunderlich-Malec Engineering Inc.

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DunstonMay 22, 2024

When will it finally leave Virtual Queue? It's been 2 years...

flyerjabApr 30, 2024

Ha! Just announced restarting.

wbostic12Apr 30, 2024

Right now in hallway after final preshow. All music is off, any updates from the load? EDIT:Now “temporarily closed” on MDE

flyerjabApr 30, 2024

Currently stuck in line at Guardians. No boarded the one train. They tested each set of lap bars, place some sort of ribbon around the lap bar on the front car. Now they are constantly running empty trains. Any idea what this could be? And should I get on once passengers are loaded again lol? EDIT: now they shut it down entirely. All the lights are on in the load area and the sound effects are off.

DreamfinderGuyApr 28, 2024

Kinda funny that they left out the guy at PGAV who leaked the floor plans

corvusmdApr 28, 2024

I would love for them to add new songs to this ride. A couple that come to mind are Back in Black by ACDC and Fight for your right by Beastie Boys

Henry MysticApr 07, 2024

There’s no reason why they can’t do that in Tomorrowland.

MisterPenguinMar 15, 2024

Do you know why they would leave out the actors and Marvel gang that provided the thematic portion of the ride? Or is it just about the mechanical engineering?

JohnDMar 14, 2024

I scrolled through the credits like I would for a movie. But their accolades are well-deserved. I rode it again on Tuesday and, man, I just LOVE that ride! The exhilaration. The music. The "wind". The movement of the vehicles. I could ride it over and over and over again.

lazyboy97oMar 14, 2024

For context, this list was created to qualify for the Thea Awards and will be published on the TEA website in the awards ceremony program after the event this weekend.

DCBakerMar 12, 2024

An official credits list of those who worked on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has been posted online from an Imagineer at WDI.

HauntedPirateMar 01, 2024

Agreed. Everest at night is a completely different experience due to the complete darkness.

Rich BrownnMar 01, 2024

Every time I rode Everest there was light bleed in the backwards section revealing the inside structure. I dunno why they couldn't seal it better

BocabearMar 01, 2024

Guardians suffers from too much light and reflection in a few scenes but is still easily my favorite Disney Coaster next to Old Space Mountain. If they could use a matte paint on some of the surfaces in the Guardians show building that would help...but it would also be difficult to clean... but I really think it is a solid, super-fun ride...