VIDEO - Frozen Ever After opens at Epcot's Norway Pavilion

Jun 21, 2016 in "Frozen Ever After"

Opening day at Frozen Ever After
Posted: Tuesday June 21, 2016 11:00am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The long awaited Frozen Ever After ride is now open at Epcot's Norway Pavilion.

Large crowds gathered this morning in World Showcase ahead of the attractions 9am opening.


Stop reading now if you do not want to see the queue area and a video ride-through.

A brand new inside queue area makes use of the old movie theater from the Maelstrom.

The queue area is nicely detailed, and includes a few nods to the former Maelstrom.

The ride uses the same ride system as the former maelstrom, but a few tweaks to the track and all new show scenes make it hard to recognize much from before.

There are impressive Audio Animatronic figures, and of course a very familiar sound track. Check out our video for a complete walkthrough of the queue and an onboard POV video of the ride.

Wait times quickly jumped to over 3 hours, with the queue extending all the way to the Outpost beyond China.

Frozen Ever After is open daily from 9am to park close, and is part of morning and evening Extra Magic Hours. FastPass+ is available, and is highly recommended.

Also now open is the Royal Sommerhus Frozen meet and greet. The meet and greet is part of a newly expanded Norway pavilion, that also includes a new Frozen gift shop and expanded restrooms.

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Speedy71Jun 04, 2017

RoysCabinJun 04, 2017

Eh, I'd argue what amounts to a sing-a-long combined with a meet and greet doesn't, at least.

Matt_BlackJun 04, 2017

James Bond can!

Cosmic CommandoJun 04, 2017

They've done it before... ;)

MisterPenguinJun 04, 2017

I hear ya. Nothing can top a static ocean oil drilling platform.

Todd HJun 04, 2017

Bingo. That abomination doesn't deserve another thread.

marni1971Jun 04, 2017

Better than starting another one about this attraction ;)

danyoung56Jun 04, 2017

Sorry you didn't like it. I will always miss the Maelstrom, but I think they did a fantastic job with the space they had.

BoltJun 04, 2017

Glad after 7 months you commented on the 'Opening Day' thread.

DisoneJun 03, 2017

Oh come on. The ride is infinitely more detailed and elaborate than its predecessor.

Horizons '83Jun 03, 2017


Todd HJun 03, 2017

So I finally rode Frozen this morning and was underwhelmed. Can't believe they closed the original ride for this. No way I'd wait more than 10 minutes tops.

ToTBellHopDec 19, 2016

Yes. And then I would rope-drop Soarin followed by TT to maximize time usage.

DisneyRoyDec 19, 2016

I would say so. Soarin has the third theater to lessen wait times and it seems to have helped. TT has a single rider line if that is an option.