Frozen Ever After closing for short refurbishment in November 2020

Oct 06, 2020 in "Frozen Ever After"

Posted: Tuesday October 6, 2020 11:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Frozen Ever After in EPCOT's World Showcase will be closed for refurbishment in early November 2020.

The closure begins November 2 through to November 6, reopening to guests on November 7 2020.

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YodaManNov 06, 2020

Any word on plexiglass dividers separating the rows yet?

DCBakerNov 06, 2020

Frozen Ever After has reopened a day early -

Epcot82GuyOct 07, 2020

Maybe Elsa will catch fire, and we can finally be rid of Maelstrom: Under New Management... :p

Wendy PleakleyOct 06, 2020

But to build a ride of Maelstrom's quality they'd need at least, wait, this might be possible ;)

Animaniac93-98Oct 06, 2020

Dang, was really hoping 5 days would be enough to switch it back to Maelstrom. ;)

ppete1975Oct 06, 2020

prob a maintenance to every moving component and some dusting.. maybe a light replaced

BrianOct 06, 2020

Honestly, EPCOT® is just food and alcohol, and there's really not a lot to do. Malestrom.

RevRemyOct 06, 2020

so much truth though... we were in Epcot Thursday. If it was not for food and wine and frozen it would have been a total bust.

EagleScout610Oct 06, 2020

They can put Tiana in there in a couple days! Just change the face projectors

VJOct 06, 2020

something something epcot something something not enough to do something something food and alcohol something something maelstrom did i predict the rest of this thread? ;)

Fable McCloudOct 06, 2020

Yeah, I didn't see the dates when I posted originally... HOWEVER I fully expect a refurb within the next year adding in stuff from Frozen 2, whether it's costumes, music or little things like Bruni or Gale somewhere in the ride.

wdwmagicOct 06, 2020

My guess for such a short refurbishment would be ride system maintenance not show related.

Brer OswaldOct 06, 2020

SHORT refurbishment. Like a couple of days short. They aren’t replacing animatronics or changing scenes.

Fable McCloudOct 06, 2020

They're probably going to incorporate new outfits/scenes/songs from Frozen 2. That's my guess. It'd be great if they could swap out the face projection animatronics for the ones like in Beauty and the Beast in Tokyo. I hate how the girls faces glow so bright as opposed to the rest of them. Plus, sometimes the faces don't work right and get all misaligned and it's really creepy. Those BatB AAs are gorgeous.