PHOTOS - Take a tour through the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot's Norway Pavilion

Jun 20, 2016 in "Royal Sommerhus"

Royal Sommerhus overview
Posted: Monday June 20, 2016 8:27am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Royal Sommerhus is now open at Epcot's Norway Pavilion, completing the first phase of the Frozen expansion.

Built on unused land between the existing Norway Pavilion and the Mexico Pavilion, the Royal Sommerhus expands the existing village area with an indoor character meet and greet, The Wandering Reindeer shop and expanded restrooms.

The new area is beautifully themed, similar to the look of the new Fantasyland additions at the Magic Kingdom, especially with the rock work and grassy rooftops.

The Frozen meet and Greet

Until the Frozen Ever After ride opens on June 21, the meet and greet with Anna and Elsa is the main event, and their new home is wonderfully detailed.

Unlike the original Magic Kingdom Frozen meet and greet, there is no FastPass+, so it is standby only.

An exterior queue leads into the Sommerhus.

Inside, the detailing and finish is extremely well done.

The meet and greet is setup similar to the Princess Fairytale Hall, with both Anna and Elsa in a single room. So a single wait will let you meet both Anna and Elsa.

The Wandering Reindeer

It wouldn't be an Epcot Pavilion without a gift shop, so as you exit the meet and greet you find yourself inside The Wandering Reindeer. It also has its own dedicated entrance and store front.

Inside you'll find all the Frozen merchandise you could ever want.

View the Royal Sommerhus gallery for more photos.

We'll be back tomorrow for a look at the Frozen Ever After ride.

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cornandacobbJun 21, 2016

Was there this morning. We had the princess breakfast next door at 8:10. Went to meet and greet at about 9:30. No line at all. Walked through the queue. Was stopped before last waiting room for 30 seconds. Let into waiting room. CM knocked on the door and let us in where Anna greeted out party. Both princesses were quite chatty. Snapped some shots and out. We were back in the world showcase around 3:15 and the wait was 15 minutes. Of course, Frozen ride is not open yet so....

tirianJun 20, 2016

That's the point—they were thinking. :) FP+ destroys high-capacity attractions and meet and greets. Disney knows this, and it's the reason legacy FP was removed from POTC and HM in California, and HM in Florida, in the early 2000s. It's also why Midway Mania doesn't have FP in DCA. The FP+ queues were added to Florida's POTC and HM to increase MyMagic options, not because the attractions actually needed FP. Although some fans wish FP were gone altogether, it benefits Guests for rides with mediocre capacity; but it's unnecessary for people-eating attractions.

DisneyWorld30thJun 20, 2016

With the capacity increased, having no FastPass+ will speed things up.

scontiJun 20, 2016

It looks beautiful, but I can't believe there's no fastpass+??? What were they thinking???

MagicHappens1971Jun 20, 2016

3 - I believe MK was 2

WDWLover#1Jun 20, 2016

My guess is that if you watch the video, you can see other doors apart from the one you go into. Count the other doors.

RSoxNo1Jun 20, 2016

They did a good job with this area, and if this was the only addition/change to the Norway pavilion I would be ok with this as a Princess meet and greet area.

Horizons1Jun 20, 2016

Interesting there's no fastpass for this.

BoarderPhreakJun 20, 2016

Oh, okay... Had a feeling.

DisneyWorld30thJun 20, 2016

I don't want to spoil the magic but can you tell how many Anna & Elsa rooms are there? I am only asking for capacity and speed of getting guests through the line. And how many were at the MK Meet and Greet?

lostpro9hetJun 20, 2016

Is there enough shelf space not smothered in Frozen to sell Geir's products too?

wdwmagicJun 20, 2016

The troll is still in the original gift shop at what will be the exit to the ride. This is a brand new store.

BocabearJun 20, 2016

not necessarily... I don't think they need animatronics, but the backdrops could use some depth...that was the thing the original imagineers did so well...they created a dramatic sense of depth and space in very small spaces. which helped suspend the reality of where you were and transported you someplace else. Enchanted Tales with Belle, aside from the Mirror room, suffers from the same thing... You are transported to an Enchanted Castle...which looks just like a hotel pre-function space aside from the AAs... Again looks more like hospitality interior design rather than a transportive set design...

BoarderPhreakJun 20, 2016

Wow, nice... For a MnG. Is it just me or is The Troll gone from the gift shop? Or is this one on the other side?