PhotoPass comes to Frozen Ever After with on-ride photo

Aug 19, 2016 in "Frozen Ever After"

Posted: Friday August 19, 2016 9:26am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's latest ride, Frozen Ever After at Epcot's Norway Pavilion, now features an on-ride photo opportunity with PhotoPass.

To preview, purchase and download your Frozen Ever After photo, you must be wearing a MagicBand during your ride. Your photo will be automatically associated to your My Disney Experience account, where it can be viewed at or in the My Disney Experience mobile app alongside all of your images from Disney PhotoPass Service.

Images can be purchases individually, or can be included as part of the Memory Maker package.

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JoeCamelAug 21, 2016

Glad the boat wasn't filled, they would still be stuck there enjoying the "magic". :depressed:

gobstoper27Aug 21, 2016

Ummmmmm you get your picture taken as you sit there? Interesting.:eek:

OtaminAug 21, 2016

I'd probably be asleep in the photo.

WondersOfLifeAug 20, 2016

They had this in July. I just screenshot it..

matt9112Aug 20, 2016

money to be made.

durangojimAug 20, 2016

We noticed this about 4 weeks ago. It was kind of strange because it's not a thrill ride and the photo doesn't really show anything.

Biff215Aug 20, 2016

As others have said, the background and placement of the camera is the worst of all on-ride photos. It's strange considering Mine Train is one of the best so you would think they could do this one right. Besides the awful background, you couldn't even see my 4 year old either time we rode. It's good they don't display these publically as they'd be an embarrassment. It's a shame they couldn't capture one of the awesome AA's in the background.

StarWarsGirlAug 20, 2016

Not wild about the photo. I've been on it several times. I've blinked every time, even though I know where the camera is. There ws also one time that my brother's head was directly in front of mine. Poor placement.

StarWarsGirlAug 20, 2016

Down the last hill after seeing Marshmellow.

JohnDAug 20, 2016


lazyboy97oAug 20, 2016

The photo is taken during the drop...

Baloo62Aug 20, 2016

That's about as interesting and compelling as an on-ride photo of the parking lot tram. Beyond lame.

JohnDAug 19, 2016

I saw that too. I was thinking, "So"? Why not a photo while you're going down the small waterfall. At least guests would have some sort of reaction like they would at POTC. (I know. No photo there. But guests are always screaming or something as they plunge downward.)

tissandtullyAug 19, 2016

I saw the flash when we were on last month, but nothing showed up in my account.