Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker pricing reduced

Dec 14, 2015 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Monday December 14, 2015 11:13am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Starting today, the pricing for the Memory Maker packages from Disney PhotoPass has been reduced.

The standard Memory Maker package, which can be used immediately on purchase, is now priced at $169, down from $199.

The advance purchase Memory Maker package, which has a 3 day delay before it can be used, is now priced at $149, down from $169.

This marks a return to the original pricing that was in place before the Memory Maker price increase of December 2014.

Guests who purchased the advance Memory Maker package at the higher price are being issued a store credit for use at MyDisneyPhotoPass.com.

Memory Maker gives guests unlimited digital downloads of photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers throughout the parks, restaurants and on select attractions.

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IMFearlessJan 02, 2016

And free memory maker is not always up for grabs in the UK. It has just been the current promotion since 23rd April. We generally have vastly different pricing and packages to USA guests. It is a completely different market.

Biff215Jan 02, 2016

Also keep in mind that every AP is not a local who visits all the time. We are DVC who typically get 3 trips out of a pass. We always debated MM due to the cost, but it was easier to justify than purchasing pictures individually for $20 each. We're excited that it's now included in our pass, as the price increase isn't more than the $510 it would cost for MM for three trips.

King Racoon 77Jan 02, 2016

never done DQ so it was a win for us

Jon81ukJan 02, 2016

They also removed DisneyQuest from the UK tickets (probably as it was meant to close this summer) but some people think that adding Memory Maker offsets the loss of DQ.

King Racoon 77Jan 02, 2016

Bear in mind that UK guests are getting Memory Maker free as a booking incentive.

IMFearlessJan 02, 2016

I can completely agree that it would be pointless for an AP holder to buy Memory Maker at the price it is currently, in the way that it is sold. However, I disagree that there is not value in it being included, basically the value is there not in the present but in the future. When people are too old to make it into the parks on a regular basis they may well cherish the photos. It essentially costs Disney nothing to add it, so why not throw it in? The AP prices had to go up in an effort to control attendance anyway. As I see it the two issues are unrelated. The price increase was going to happen anyway. The photo pass infrastructure is there for those that will pay, but it costs Disney nothing to allow those with AP's use of it, they were not paying for it previously.

IMFearlessJan 01, 2016

From Disney's point of view the cost in providing the service is in the staff costs for the photographers. This would be the same regardless of uptake, therefore they perhaps realise it is in their best interests to have a high percentage of guests paying fairly for the service, than a small number paying a higher price. Basically the cost to provide the service stays the same, now it is downloads only and no physical media involved. They would make more cash if the majority of guests added on the Memory Maker, even at a much lower price point.

flynnibusDec 21, 2015

That whole argument is predicated on the idea that you see value in paying hundreds of dollars for pictures. Its only a value in the sense of its now 'all you can eat' for a product that you used to pay per use. But if I don't like mongolian food... winning a free 'unlimited year long dining pass' to the local Mongolian restaurant isn't an appreciated value for me. It's like the Movie theater giving you free refills on the $8 soda... wow it's a steal, you don't have to pay $8 again! Except, I wasn't happy with the $8 price in the first place.. giving me more soda doesn't change that sting. I think this is more about generating more upsell opportunities and trying to establish the idea that having this kind of service is 'the norm'.. which will create even more pull through sales as those who don't have it, won't want to be left behind or have a lesser vacation experience. Make it the norm, not the 'special exception'. AP holders probably weren't buying memorymaker multiple times.. so it doesn't really cost Disney anything in lost opportunity to give them 'free refills'.

boufaDec 16, 2015

Like one of the earlier posters said.. this is a matter of supply and demand. If they reduce the price by $20, they only need 1 additional person to purchase Memory Maker for every 8 people who already buy it, to actually make more money by reducing the price. The reality is that since it has gone digital, there is no per person cost. The hardware, and photopass photographers are a fixed cost, ie, they are there and being paid even if they are not taking photos. So Disney makes money on this product solely based on volume. Of course, being allowed to share a photopass among several groups is the best way to do it. I would never, ever pay $150 for photopass. Its a gimick to me (especially since my kids stopped doing characters). But sharing the cost among several people, my next trip my share is only $22. For a few snaps of my wife and I together, that's perfect.

Tom P.Dec 16, 2015

Disney was going to raise the price of the AP's regardless. Throwing in Memory Maker, which essentially costs them nothing, was their attempt to soften the blow by making it look like something other than just a straight price increase with no added value. It wasn't done because AP holders were clamoring for Memory Maker or making huge use of it. It was a simple PR move, nothing more. So, yes, @CaptainAmerica is correct that AP holders, by and large, weren't purchasing Memory Maker prior to it being bundled in, and the fact that Disney chose to bundle it doesn't change that fact.

rucifeeDec 15, 2015

I paid it anyways? Show me the receipt where I've renewed my APs since they haven't even expired yet. Nice assumption there, but maybe you should pay more attention.

CaptainAmericaDec 15, 2015

Maybe if you notice a trend of people calling you a troll... It's not an itemized expense. You're buying a bundled product. Since when does Disney need an "excuse?" They can charge more for absolutely no reason. Hell, they can offer less and charge more. "Should" be? Why? You said yourself you're paying for something you don't even want, but you paid it anyways. Disney should charge as much as they possibly can until people start abandoning the product in greater percentages than the price increase. The fact that you're buying it with features included that you don't even want indicates it's actually priced below market.

rucifeeDec 15, 2015

Including MM in the price of the AP just means I have to purchase multiple instances of MM that I don't want, how's that a benefit to me? Instead of purchasing one MM, I now have to buy many. I didn't buy it in the first place so how is this helping? It's a useless excuse to increase the price of the AP without costing Disney any money at all other than the simple image hosting they were already doing. Instead, it should be a checkbox on each AP that adds a few bucks to the AP for those who want it.

CaptainAmericaDec 15, 2015

Lol. I'm not ignoring I said that, that's my EXACT point. I'm not saying "Memory Maker sucks." I'm saying "Memory Maker was too expensive for pass holders because they don't visit long enough for it to be worth it." Including MM in the price of the AP is Disney accommodating the Pass Holder's travel style when the pricing model wouldn't work for them otherwise.