PHOTOS - Aerial view of the Fountain of Nations demolition site

Nov 05, 2019 in "Fountain of Nations"

Aerial view of Fountain of Nations demolition
Posted: Tuesday November 5, 2019 9:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This latest aerial shot across the center of Epcot's Future World shows a rather sad sight of the remains of Fountain of Nations.

Demolition crews have been onsite for much of the month preparing the site, which will eventually see the removal of the closed Club Cool, Character Spot and the former Innoventions.

The site is being cleared ahead of work on the redevelopment of the center of Epcot.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne @cchard.

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Sir_Cliff10 minutes ago

I guess, for me, the posts are what they are: PR aimed at fans designed to drum up interest in an upcoming project. In terms of the content, I also honestly don't think they're claiming that much. This one, for example, just shows some samples of the paving for the area and has text stating that, while they don't necessarily want you to notice it, a lot of consideration goes into the color, materials, and texture of the pavement. In terms of hyping projects before they open, they've always done that, haven't they? It was just that with something like the original EPCOT Center they had to produce their own newsletter and feed information to the press. I also think they've played up the attention to detail and creative process prior to opening attractions rather than waiting several decades to see if they have been successful. I'm sure my comments on this are just as tiring for everyone, but when I see the chorus of groans and eyerolls that greet Zach's every post I just feel like I've read just as grand if not grander claims about the far more mundane painted slurry you mention over the years. The same goes for the selection of colors for structures, etc. If Zach had of included Hench's point about making people's photos look better, I suspect the eye rolling competition would have been amped up yet further along with commentary about what's wrong with the kids these days. Perhaps it's the messenger and the tone that provokes so much ire, or perhaps people are primed to hate everything about this project. Either way, I will be interested to know if WDI persist with Zach as the face of their social media PR. If this board is anything to go by, people seem to have an allergy to him.

creathir46 minutes ago

Zach’s enthusiasm for materials and textures is really unsurpassed by anyone really. His travels to extreme examples during his annual 2 month sabbatical have enabled him to really become aware of what defines a paving surface. This past spring he spent countless hours roaming the parking lot of the Mall of America and Dodger Stadium in search of the perfect balance of support, yet springiness within the asphalt to minimize the negative reinforcement of exertion. He even ruined several pairs of shoes with the amount of gum they picked up during his travels! His dedication is truly inspiring.

Clamman732 hours ago

How warm can gray be?

Squishy3 hours ago

The benches were what Walt Disney himself wanted for Epcot!

marni19713 hours ago

I can’t wait for his news about the benches. Joe was so much better used.

HauntedPirate7 hours ago

Another PR written post (with the requisite fawning comments about how wonderful it is). Verbal diarrhea without an iota of substance.

yensidtlaw19698 hours ago

The difference is that John Hench's book centered legitimate and valuable insight into the creative process, diving deep on beloved projects AFTER they had demonstrated the ability to connect with an audience. Zach's Instagram is pimping new granite tiling as if it's a FEATURE of Epcot and not just an element of it. Now, John Hench did write about the significance of the color of the Pavement in Future World, explaining how it was chosen to optimize the coloring in guests' photographs and make every shot look fantastic. But if Hench went out of his way to regale us with that story BEFORE the park had even opened, we'd have likely said the same thing; "This whole big project is ahead of us, representing a huge financial investment, and THAT'S what you want us to be excited about??" Add to it that this new tiling doesn't even pass the Fiber Optic Sidewalk for the most interesting pathway in the park (or the OG John Hench slurry color for considerate decision-making) and maybe you can see why it starts to ring hollow.

Splashin' Ryan8 hours ago

"We actually prefer you don't notice the ground too much" ok then explain the highly detailed new pavement in Tomorro- oh wait never mind πŸ˜‚. But seriously, even recently WDI had used interesting pavement work, (Hello?? Pandora's pavement is literally a focal point of the land) also the footprints in toy story land, the new cobblestone sections in fantasyland, all of SWGE has something interesting, not to mention inside the exact same park Riddley is currently in, there is work going on at this very moment in Morrocco to add more detail to the pavement. The "prefer you don't notice" is a poor excuse for "we wanted something sleek and modern with minimal detail" if they want that, that's fine, say it. Stop masking it behind fancy excuses.

Nmoody19 hours ago

I'd say its more about the fact the company make a song and a dance about pavements whilst a yeti has been broken for a decade, EPCOT is a shadow of its former glory - that no paving stone is going to fix, the fact that entertainment is cut across property (and stale when it is running) and also that teeming is thrown out of hotels to make way for Disney characters. People fan-girling over these self indulgent posts (and the websites that share them) basically prove to Disney they just don't need to try anymore. If anyone is interested my road is being re-tarmacced - I can share some images if you like and talk about the smell and the noise and how it feels to walk on???

James Alucobond9 hours ago

I'm not hoping for the whole thing. Just the portion of pavement and planters next to the building so that you have another pathway to the back of the park from the entrance. That walkway, from the concept art, is literally just concrete, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plus, having the walls pushed back even slightly will improve the views out of the western side of the building by having it abut greenery.

jt049 hours ago

This seems most likely from the aerials I've seen. It is possible the bulk of the work won't be complete until next year. And that would be good. Means a lot of infrastructure, water features and landscaping. IMO.

mnelson39 hours ago

I hope so to but I doubt it. Even October might be a stretch. Having a straight through walkway with walls on each side would be helpful with the mass exodus after fireworks.

jt049 hours ago

If the plaza is finished that soon it means it is being value engineered. Why is everyone in such a hurry? These additions are more art and design than a new Target or Cracker Barrel. And whatever gets approved will be what is for a decade or two. You can't rush fine art. 🎨

UNCgolf10 hours ago

I don't think outrage is the right word. Maybe some people are outraged -- I'm certainly not. I just find the posts quite funny, albeit in a slightly contemptuous way. I also think it would help if people believed these were actually his unfiltered thoughts and not something crafted by a team of PR writers, but we already know that there's multiple people working on/editing the content of the posts. That would probably account for at least some of the difference in reception between the posts and the John Hench book.