PHOTOS - Aerial view of the Fountain of Nations demolition site

Nov 05, 2019 in "Fountain of Nations"

Aerial view of Fountain of Nations demolition
Posted: Tuesday November 5, 2019 9:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

This latest aerial shot across the center of Epcot's Future World shows a rather sad sight of the remains of Fountain of Nations.

Demolition crews have been onsite for much of the month preparing the site, which will eventually see the removal of the closed Club Cool, Character Spot and the former Innoventions.

The site is being cleared ahead of work on the redevelopment of the center of Epcot.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne @cchard.

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jpinkc1 hour ago

Yes thats the Disney Cancelation plan didnt you read the fine print. Until they get more money from a new Magical Source its on hold indefinitely

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

Sorry… “Dragging their feet deliberately during construction and then letting things sit once finished”

jpinkc2 hours ago

I thought in the Current Disney translation guide "delay or holding off" was Bean speak for canceled

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

Sorry…I thought that was a joke… boy…nothing worse than a trillion dollar penny pinching conglomerate

Clamman732 hours ago

“a newly reimagined festival area that will be home to ever-changing events in a unique new environment.”

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

Cancelled doesn’t bother me…delays and holding off really $&!:es me off I might have missed this…did they cancel the jetson’s lounge?

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

The zenith

Animaniac93-983 hours ago

They can call it whatever they want, it will always be EPCOT '94.

jpinkc3 hours ago

Just like all Disney projects lately canceled before they really get started.

Sirwalterraleigh3 hours ago

Hence the entire Iger “legacy” construction program…which is winding down now

ppete19753 hours ago

imagination is dead... not the place in epcot.. but the designers

ppete19753 hours ago

if others build it, i guess we have to as well

mightynine4 hours ago

"Natural environments" - Moana walkthrough "Global Design Elements" - Look, there's a big ol' globe right there, what more do you want people "Ever-changing events in a unique new environment" - how quick can we swap signs/menus around on all these food stands cluttering up the walkways

danv34 hours ago

These names are bad, but yet better than the names associated with Genie+. I struggle to believe that "Individual Attraction Selection" is a real label that is going into the wild.