PHOTOS - Fountain of Nations demolition

Oct 25, 2019 in "Fountain of Nations"

Fountain of Nations demolition
Posted: Friday October 25, 2019 11:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Demolition is well underway on Epcot's Fountain of Nations, with much of the structure now removed.

Demolition crews have been onsite for much of the month preparing the site, which will eventually see the removal of the closed Club Cool, Character Spot and the former Innoventions.

The site is being cleared ahead of work on the redevelopment of the center of Epcot.

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aladdin20072 days ago

some tshirts wouldn't be bad either.

castlecake2.02 days ago

I was thinking that lol, maybe I can print some at the UPS store and hang then up when no ones looking.

marni19712 days ago

Use my avatar if they want.

castlecake2.02 days ago

I actually though of this the other day, none of the walls explain that theyre redoing the park, which might be confusing to some people especially if it’s their first visit. I’m sure they have some “please excuse us...” signs laying around they can throw up

DoleWhipDrea3 days ago

It's a combination of projects (some of which may not be built anymore, but they closed off this area and started work prior to the pandemic.) Work is wrapping up on the new Creations Shop (replacing Mouse Gears), the new version of Club Cool and the new Starbucks. We also know that Dreamer's Point (featuring a statue of Walt) is going somewhere in this area behind Spaceship Earth on a set of steps to look out at EPCOT. One side of Innoventions has been leveled to make way for Journey of Water. I haven't seen an update on the Wishing Tree and garden area...and the originally planned Festival Center will become a "Festival Area," which will probably just be more lawns and festival booths. It's a bit of a challenge to do all of this construction in the middle of the park and have multiple sections when so much is being torn up. It's easier for the crew working to have more of the area isolated and worked on all at once. I remember DCA's claustrophobic maze of walls. I think this is a bit better (though obviously not ideal.) At least the entrance hub and fountain are finished...that made things a tad trickier before. With EPCOT now at least it's a little more clear in that you just need to choose left or right. But I will be plenty relieved when the walls come down.

CaptinEO3 days ago

We are at Disney World for the first time since early 2019. Did Epcot today. I knew Guardians and Rat were in progress but had no idea about the walls. Why are they redoing the center of the entry way? They divided up the front of the park in half and it made things very confusing. The walls didn't say what the construction was for and just had random Disney characters on them. Reminds me of California Adventure during its redo and all the walls.

sedati3 days ago

And yet that design didn't even stop inside of Communicore. It only passed through taking you from the gateway of Future World to the gateway of World Showcase. And I'm not sure cruizing past vast underutilized spaces would have helped the longevity of the buildings. All the Wedway idea did was give us overly tall structures in the middle of the park for yet another EPCOT feature that was never to be. *double-sigh*

Rich Brownn4 days ago

The original designed of CommuniCore called for a WedWay on the upper lever going through the building. If they'd only built that the building would probably still be here. *sigh*

co100645 days ago

I'm looking forward to when the spine is complete. I really like the theming (well... ascetic is probably a better term since there's not much theming) of Creations Shop and renovated Club Cool. The whole design from the updated color scheme to the fonts is very visually appealing to me and will certainly be better than what was better than before. Still, it seems like with this whole Epcot 2.0 (3.0? 4.0?) project, all we got was a reshuffling of existing spaces. Club Cool got moved, Starbucks got moved, the Play pavilion seems like a more kid-centric Innoventions which swapped places with the Festival Center. With so much empty space in the previous buildings, I would have hoped for more than a Moana walkthrough to fill those gaps. In my made up armchair imagineering, I would have taken the Tron coaster concept, keep the design/theming, but modify the track layout to travel through parts of the Communicore buildings (maybe have the attraction queue/entrance take over Wonders of Life or Energy).

wedenterprises5 days ago

That is why he's my avatar.

Thelazer5 days ago

This SO MUCH!!!!! ^^^^^ THIS !!!!!

G00fyDad5 days ago

Do we know for a fact that they are leaving it this color?

Father Robinson5 days ago

A lot more of Innoventions has been painted. Only a small strip of the multi-colored swatches remains.

sedati6 days ago

A big grey mesa of nothing in particular.