Disney to expand Glow with the Show to new product line 'Made with Magic'

Oct 20, 2014 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Monday October 20, 2014 11:12am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

This fall Disney will be expanding the Glow with the Show concept to a new product line offering more light up items that interact with Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort shows.

Just like the original Glow with the Show ear hat, the new 'Made with Magic' items, which include a Mickey glove, Minnie headband, and Sorcerer Mickey wand, all interact with certain experiences at the parks. They can also be placed into a demo mode  when not at the parks to show-off the light changing LED functions. Participating experiences include Fantastic!, Wishes and the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

The Minnie Mouse headband will be available in late October, with the Mickey glove and Sorcerer Mickey wand available in late November 2014. All Made with Magic items retail for $25.

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RSoxNo1Oct 24, 2014

I'm inclined to believe they only made 6 of them and they sold all of those.

NormCOct 23, 2014

We wanted them in February but they were all sold out. Clearly people are buying them.

Kitty17794Oct 23, 2014

I like the Minnie ears! I'm not a fan of wearing the big hats like the original Glow With The Show product, so those would be a much better fit for me. I do agree with the person who said people should get these free with their hotel stay. We'd see a lot more of them in the park. Or maybe at Fantasmic, give them out like 3D glasses, and collect them at the end. People would see how awesome they are, and hopefully go buy a set for the other shows that use them. (Or have the 'give out' ones really plain looks-wise, but hey! You can buy your own fancy pair.)

oswaldmickeyOct 21, 2014

They should put this in every single pair of Mickey ears they sale and not just the ugliest one they have.....that way...every silly ear will glow. Follow the apple model...sale computers in all kinds of pretty colors... or magic bands.....or glowy hats. Besides, how much are regular mickey ears? $5, $10 less depending on the ears... And it's not like Disney doesn't have a problem forcing people to upgrade/change to bigger and better things right...magic bands...? Magic bands are what $29.99, same price. Disney "upgrades" all Mickey ears to glow with new Electronic "Made with magic" style... or.. the new Mickey ear HAT-EMs... bad pun intended.

BigTxEarsOct 21, 2014

Well crap since you put it that way now I want a pair! Cool video :)

Next Big ThingOct 21, 2014

The same guy who hacked the Glow with the Show ears reproduced the lighting sequences for World of Color in a 2-minute version.

Next Big ThingOct 21, 2014

The best use of those hats i've seen yet. I like how the guy explained it all out too. Pretty cool.

Figments FriendOct 21, 2014

Yes, Pal Mickey service was ended recently. Not sure if this service was tied into the MM Pins however as the two i had assumed were operated by different activation systems. If i am remembering correctly, the Pins were activated by infra-red sensors located inside Attractions and at one point within range of certain Parade floats. It was about 6 to 8 years ago that i last tried my 2001 Pin at the Park and it was still firing off in the areas i knew it used to on certain Attractions. Never saw it activate during Parades...even back during the original product in-Park tie in and marketing promotion. I have noticed over the last few years a couple of the places i knew where the sensors were in Attractions have been removed, or at least better hidden. *Small World* comes to mind, as after the big refresh a few years back the visible sensor in the finale room went missing. I was always going to bring the Pin back just to see if anything would happen now, but it has yet to have happened to date. Would be interesting to see if anything remains that would trigger the once neat interactive light effects contained within the Pins circuitry. Always thought that was a fun little gimmick...your Pin interacting somewhat with the Attraction with it*s own little light show, each one different and themed to the Attraction you were on. For example, in *Peter Pan*s Flight*, the Pin would only fire off it*s white *star* light as you passed through the nursery window. *Second star to the right...* immediately comes to mind.

asianwayOct 21, 2014

Wasn't there just a decommissioning of pal Mickey? Did that affect the pins too?

NEmickeyfanOct 21, 2014

When the Glow with the Show hats first premiered at DL, I was thinking it was such a cool idea. Almost everyone was wearing them at WoC and it was fun to watch. However, it is my understanding that the hats were given out to park visitors for that taping of the show. I was anxious to get to WDW and check them out. When I got there, hardly anyone was buying them and only a handful of people wore them at the shows. After examining the hats, it was clear that they were rigid and could not be folded to pack away easily in a suitcase. So, I did not buy one and am glad I didn't. If there are ALOT of them, the effect is very cool, but just a handful really felt more like a distraction. I can't imagine a "one and done" family of 4 or 5 shelling out close to $100-125 bucks for something that they will most likely never use again (and hope they can sell on Ebay, I guess). As a frequent visitor, I didn't feel I could justify the purchase since so many weren't buying them and they would be a pain to transport back an forth. Am I the only one that thinks that people that come up with these bright (pun intended) ideas don't actually go to the parks?

Figments FriendOct 21, 2014

Ahhh...the 'Magical Moment' light up pins (aka 100 Years of Magic pins ). I still have mine and it works. Thought those were rather cool, and not too intrusive on other Guests experience. I often wonder if these still activate within the Attractions? I remember the old 'El Rio' ride over at EPCOT, and 'Small World' at MK both had the best light show activation with these pins.

DVCOwnerOct 21, 2014

I do not get you on this one at all. Disney making and sell a product for a profit we keep them from building a new ride. Disney is making money off the ears and other stuff, how they spend it may not be what you want (new rides), but it does not effect building a new ride at all.

roj2323Oct 21, 2014

OMG that totally made it worth clicking on this thread. SO COOL

Gig 'Em MickeyOct 21, 2014

Yikes! I've already bought a bunch of packs of glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets to have at night. Target dollar aisle for for the win.