Sorcerer Mickey's Fantasmic mountain top appearances on hold due to technical problems

Oct 17, 2011 in "Fantasmic!"

Posted: Monday October 17, 2011 8:30am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff
Some apparent technical problems with Fantasmic's mountain mean that Sorcerer Mickey is no longer able to appear on the top of the mountain for the finale of Fantasmic.  Since Saturday night, a revised version of the show has been used, with Traditional Mickey now appearing at the bottom of the mountain at the point where Sorcerer Mickey would normally appear at the top of the mountain.  Traditional Mickey stays on-stage at the bottom of the mountain and performs both the Sorcerer Mickey role and the very last scene as Traditional Mickey.  

Fantasmic has been hit with numerous technical problems of late, with the dragon appearance failing on many occasions, missing pyrotechnics, and lighting issues throughout the show.  Fantasmic is scheduled to go down for a refurbishment from January 9 2012 to February 12 2012, where it is hoped many of these items and the Sorcerer Mickey appearance can be addressed.

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