New bypass walkway now open in Epcot's Future World

Dec 31, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Epcot has opened a new walkway in Future World to help guests bypass the construction work taking place in the center of the park.

The walkway begins on the western side the main entrance (camera center side), travels behind the restrooms, and exits alongside the Coral Reef restaurant following the monorail beam.

This new path will be the preferred route to get to The Seas, The Land, and Imagination pavilions.

A similar bypass will also be used on the eastern side of the park.

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Article Posted: Dec 31, 2019 / 1:03pm ET
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ImperfectPixie52 minutes ago

It is too much blue...but in the other pics, the hue of the lighting really made the purple/blue and orange just bleh. I'd like to see the blue broken up with something pale or maybe even a light metallic shade of something.

trainplane356 minutes ago

I meant the actual paint (mainly in the central area) to bring it closer to the Sea Base Alpha aesthetic. Or something else to make it more then 10 shades of blue. You had whites, off-whites, oranges, blues, and even some different colored lighting originally: Now you have blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue,blue, and blue green. I never minded the Nemo overlay (it got kids into the Seas while getting the same message across) but I've always had a weird hate for the look of everything. I just feel it needs something to break up the literal waves of blue.

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

Aquariums are necessarily dark. If the people area was too bright, all you would see is people reflected on the tank glass and not the fish.

FigmentFan822 hours ago


trainplane32 hours ago


ImperfectPixie2 hours ago

Be careful using those words..."inside" and "out". :cautious:

trainplane32 hours ago

Honestly, The Land is still in a pretty good spot still. The Seas could have a hefty repaint inside to make it feel fresh again and not overly dark. Imagination is truly the worst area in the park and should get a lot of focus inside and out.

atighe422 hours ago

Despite the obviously dire circumstances, I am glad that future/unannounced plans have halted on The Land, Seas, and Imagination. Much better that they be addressed when the timing (and funding) is right. Future World East has needed the facelift much more and they're FAR along in its' reimagination. West now retains the last few classic Epcot experiences and I don't want them tampered with.

Ldno6 hours ago

Epcot right now is the same way DHS was before Galaxy’s edge, you could do and see everything within half a day. Once everything opens up it will be business as usual I think. But given how recent Galaxy’s Edge was, is how I see Epcot right now under construction. Things do take some time.

aladdin200717 hours ago

The park is a very sad place right now, like the things you stated and also the pavilions not having their respective international cast, no entertainment etc, destruction of the spine,, the whole feel in the park is very much a downer. After being there yesterday I felt its the worst state the park has ever been in, it doesn't even feel like Disney anymore. Managements decisions to destroy that park in terms of terrible choices of change just continue to baffle me. Some of the other things cant be helped right now of course with whats going on but it felt like they have thrown in the towel. I don't know. Had some really interesting conversations with nice cast members, Disney is really hurting. Magic Kingdom is headed in the same direction especially if they don't do something about tomrrowland, another growing wasteland and too many other things closed in the park.

Marlins118 hours ago

Just reserved parks for a January weekend trip and for the first time the one I excluded was my former favorite Epcot. I can handle construction everywhere if it is making progress but Future World just looks like a wasteland now and the delay in France expansion and Harmonius is just sad.

Clamman732 days ago

It’ll buff out.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

The Electric Umbrella is almost at the point of no return.

trainplane32 days ago No more notch in the passthrough ceiling!