PHOTOS - First phase of Epcot's new entrance area now open

Oct 24, 2019 in "EPCOT"

New Epcot tram loop and entrance
Posted: Thursday October 24, 2019 11:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The first phase of the new Epcot arrival experience is now open to guests.

The new tram loop is now in operation, with drop off and pickup currently operating from the same side.

The main bag check area is now located under the monorail ramp, with dedicated lines for no bags, strollers and wheelchairs.

With the new bag checkpoint location, guests arriving by monorail no longer need to pass through security at Epcot, with those guests already screened at the TTC.

The exit from the park is now directly underneath the monorail station, as it was prior to the recent temporary rerouting of walkways.

Construction work continues on the eastern side of the monorail station area.

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wishiwere@wdwOct 20, 2020

Quick question that I didn’t see posted anywhere. Sorry if I missed.... Any idea what happened to the EV chargers at the TTC? They were in the app a week or so ago but we’re showing offline. As expected, they were not functioning when we arrived; although the CM didn’t seem to know this as we were still directed to park there. Now it seems they aren’t listed at all in the app. My sincere hope is they are adding an entire row (or more!) as this has been becoming increasingly difficult to utilize due to demand at all of the parks. I know Studios received the new ones (still not enough but it’s something!) and I was informed Epcot would be upgrading their location as well but hadn’t heard about the TTC. Curious if anybody knew more?

RteetzOct 15, 2020

I’m not sure when the tram was deemed done since those aren’t operating but the security area was in use on re-opening day.

Mike730Oct 15, 2020

It was 99% complete upon reopening. Watch enough YouTube "reopening Vlogs" and you will see it. edit: Also see July 3rd below

RSoxNo1Oct 15, 2020

So does that include the new tram drop off? Any idea when construction walls came down?

jaklgreenOct 15, 2020

I agree, it is so much faster then the bag checks.

castlecake2.0Oct 15, 2020

I just have to say (as a cast member but not speaking on behalf of TWDC) I bring my family about twice a year to the parks including my sister and her two kids under 6. This new arrival and security experience is a game changer. Walking though the new process reminds me of pre 2001 park arrival and it’s amazing, and makes it a million times easier when I’m trying to be your guide to a party of 8 or more people to get into the park. Well done!

castlecake2.0Oct 15, 2020

I drive by here often and been watching this development. I think the issue with the remaining oaks is that they were growing so close together it wasn’t possible to separate their root systems. Still very sad at the loss.

RteetzOct 15, 2020

Well people have been using the new entrance for a while now so...

RSoxNo1Oct 15, 2020

Bioreconstruct posted an aerial from June. I imagine it's finished but can't find anyone with an article that confirms that.

RteetzOct 15, 2020

Not sure of anything really still going on there.

RSoxNo1Oct 15, 2020

What's the status of the DAK entrance? Is that work complete?

Monorail_Red_77Oct 15, 2020

Also, since we are talking about TTC. All of the oaks that were being boxed up and relocated to the DHS old bridge, berm. I would have thought they would have taken all of the oaks since they were all mature. But apparently, these are not needed. Such a shame.505398505399

Monorail_Red_77Oct 15, 2020

Not sure if his has been posted or not. But today I noticed the tram tunnel at TTC has been freshly painted and a final set of lights installed. It looks really nice. I’m not sure how long this has been completed. Maybe a few months?

Magic FeatherAug 18, 2020

Ok. I’m under the impression that MK will be the last park to get them, and may not get them for a while. The sheer number of checkpoints that MK has, alongside the costlier nature of the machines/backordered nature of them, will make the MK’s 7 (and soon to be 8) security checkpoints the last to get them. I’m also under the partial impression that there may be some other challenges for implementing them at the Monorail stops.