PHOTOS - Walls down and flag pole bases completed on the east side of the main entrance

Feb 23, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT main entrance eastern flag install
Posted: Tuesday February 23, 2021 10:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls are now down around the eastern side of Spaceship Earth revealing another set of flag pole bases.

As we expected, like the western side, the eastern side now has a matching set of 6 flag pole bases.

Each of the bases is flanked by a pair of LED spotlights.

We can see a number of flags in this piece of concept art, which although it doesn't show them in quite the same place, it does show the overall effect.

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Movielover3 hours ago


castlecake2.012 hours ago


dreday316 hours ago

That looks nice, clean.

DreamfinderGuy19 hours ago

How are they managing Project Tomorrow's exit? Are the West facing doors blacked out? Walled off? Roped off?

TikibirdLand20 hours ago

I remember, quite well, hiding out in the camera center (as it was known back then) during a torrential thunderstorm. Kids were babies at the time and I carried the two youngest while my wife carried the then 4-yr old. The rented stroller was parked outside and the wind flipped it over and sent it flying through that breezeway. At one point, we made a mad-dash for the mono-rail. Never saw so many kids crying at the same time as then. FUN TIMES :D

MansionButler8420 hours ago

I likes!

tparris2 days ago

It really is hard to see them in photos without zooming in, I’m impressed. However I’ll still have to see them in person to make a fair judgement.

IMDREW2 days ago

A good photo of the lights on SSE! A lot has been covered so far. I personally don't mind them and am excited for how it's gonna look. Wouldn't call it seamless though 😉. Just hope they can stay away from it looking like a giant disco ball or danceparty at night. We've officially gone from golfball to pincushion people!

Goofyernmost7 days ago

I suppose that it is possible that is how it all went down, but unless we were sitting in the board room when they made those decisions they are just random speculations, They made mistakes for sure, but at the time Disney had been a dream system of power. Imagine this, you want a theme park and you get someone else to pay for your attractions. If they need repair you charge that same one to repair the problems. All the while you are selling admission to visitors and you keep the money. Think about how long that lasted. That is Disney magic. When things changed they made decisions based on how it had worked for years and years. Should they have known that time was over and acted accordingly? Absolutely, but it is understandable that they would just assume that the old system would continue. Guess they couldn't see very far into the future. That's why they don't even try anymore. That is when the mission changed from giving the pubic the best show possible and making money that way to just downsize everything, cost wise, until you still have a show, but it's nothing like it once was, but they are still making billions of dollars. It will all catch up eventually but for now they will give us what they want and we will pay whatever they ask. What that all means is that we have what we have, things that we once loved are gone and new things have jumped in to replace them. It isn't the same but being upset isn't going to change things. To me there is enough things still worth seeing again or for the first time to warrant going. The older I get the less enthusiastic I get about being there, but I still like it. If I didn't do my Disney touring the why I have for 38 years they would have priced me out completely by now.

Inspired Figment7 days ago

IMO, that still doesn’t excuse them changing it the way they did… If maintenance was such an issue and it was clearly still a popular attraction that sold tons in merch. Then why didn’t they look into trying to make the problematic parts more serviceable or cheaper to fix? I can’t imagine it would’ve cost Disney or even the sponsor ‘that’ much to fix the issues with the opening scene turntable compared to all the crap it cost to disable the turntable and alter the ride the way they did. But again, adding that with the stupid crap they did with Honey I Shrunk the Audience to artificially lower attendance levels and not make any effort to boost marketing on Journey Into Imagination, Dreamfinder, and Figment… it makes sense why what happened, happened.

Inspired Figment7 days ago

WOW.. that’s just sad.. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t but the blame all on Zach when it comes to these decisions (particuarly when it comes to maintenance), … it’s really upper management (Bob Chapek) and his lack of genuine support towards the imagineers & Epcot’s vision, along with the cuts in maintenance budget that’s giving him such a hard time/forcing him to post the way he does in order to keep his job in place. I truly believe he’s one of the fans that cares about the overall integrity of EPCOT (same goes for Josh D’maro on that note..)… but unfortunately, until management changes anytime soon.. I don’t see anything improving for him or any of his fellow coworkers anytime soon… though I have hope it will soon or at the very least, eventually (I’m calling latest, by next year or the next). While you could easily make the argument that at this point, he should probably jump ship while he still can… the thing is, when you’re ‘that’ passionate and so determined you can make things go right under current management.. that or staying in there until the right management comes in and he’s able to get his true talent & passion out there. It isn’t exactly the easiest decision to make or determine. Just look at how long it took for Tony Baxter, Josh Shipley, Joe Rodhe and so many others to eventually jump the sinking WDI ship after waiting & trying for so long, seeing no progress after tirelessly trying to get folks like Iger & Chapek to change their narrow minded ways… such a shame. PS: I happen to ‘love’ the way Tony’s Legends Awards photo was planned. Look at which characters are placed behind Tony & Bob and think about ‘why’ that is… 😏😉😉

vikescaper7 days ago

I was looking forward to finally seeing the new lighting yesterday but then I saw only half was working and rolled my eyes. I guess I will see it eventually.

RSoxNo17 days ago

It's going to be nice when they power wash these lights and break all of them.