PHOTO - First look at Epcot's new logo

Aug 23, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Guests at the Disney Parks “Imagining Tomorrow, Today” pavilion at D23 Expo today got a first look at the new Epcot logo.

Part of the redevelopment of the park, the Epcot name remains but with an updated logo.

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Article Posted: Aug 23, 2019 / 2:57pm ET
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lazyboy97oDec 05, 2019

That’s exactly what they are doing.

CommunicoreDec 04, 2019

I find it appalling, as if their trying to insinuate that this Epcot theme park is being restored to EPCOT Center.

BrenthodgeOct 31, 2019


HMFOct 30, 2019

The further away from the 07 version they go, the better.

trainplane3Oct 30, 2019

Yep. I realized it later and didn't think to update it.

DarkMetroid567Oct 30, 2019

This is late, but you likely heard that by Flavors by Fire. They have a whole loop of Disney classics renditions, but marching-band style. You also hear Arabian Nights, Grim Grinning Ghosts, etc.

TouchdownOct 30, 2019

Probably because it had a giant S in it for Siemens and no other reason.

Captain NeoOct 30, 2019

Any reason they are abandoning the SSE 2007 Symbol from the Siemens/Dench version of the ride? The one that looks like a world spinning out of control I prefer the original 80s logo myself and there wise to going with that one. I just think it’s strange that they are abandoning the one they added all over the Pavillion in ‘07.

trainplane3Oct 29, 2019

It's for sure a Horizons reference. Basically you're "flying over the horizon".

spacemountaincarloOct 29, 2019

Oh, okay! Thank you! I like how the Mission Space one has the Horizons nod in it and that if I squint at it correctly I can sorta see a Universe of Energy vibe from the Guardians one.

trainplane3Oct 29, 2019

Yes. WS - Land - Moana Seas - Odyssey - SSE Celebration/table stand - Imagination - TT Play! - GotG - M:S

RSoxNo1Oct 29, 2019

Yes, albeit indirectly. If you have a link to all the images I can fill in the gaps.

spacemountaincarloOct 29, 2019

Did they ever confirm which of the new symbols were which?

Victor KellyOct 07, 2019

Forever and always.