New Cast Member costumes debut at EPCOT made from recycled water bottles

5 days ago in "EPCOT"

Posted: Monday November 22, 2021 12:26pm Et by WDWMAGIC Staff

The EPCOT Festival Team is wearing new costumes this week made, in part, from plastic bottles that were at risk of polluting the ocean.

The Festival Team has been wearing the flag shirt costume, which is also being worn by the World Showcase cast members that are currently standing in for the cultural representatives.

This new mint green with light blue detailing gives the Festival Team their own unique identity, and is the first step in costume changes throughout EPCOT.

Photo from the Disney Animal Sciences Facebook page.

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castlecake2.03 days ago

It looks like this costume is just for Festival Cast so far and the flag shirt will survive for now for permanent ODV locations in world showcase.

peter114354 days ago

No, because it’s not idiotic at all

castlecake2.04 days ago

You can get paper cups of water or use the water refill stations in the parks or BYOWB. Why are people mad they’re recycling things? The shirts have to be made out of something.

ThatMouse4 days ago

Does anyone see how idiotic this is? Disney sells the water bottles that are causing the problem in the first place!

the.dreamfinder4 days ago

Hope they used the higher quality, breathable recycled textiles. Can get very hot in those pieces.

castlecake2.04 days ago

My thoughts too, if it’s virtue signaling at least it’s productive

ohioguy4 days ago

Looks like a nice synthetic soft-thread (if fleece-like) shirt. The color is great for the Florida heat. I hope they do this for all the costuming and start recycling all those water bottles that end up in their landfill. One man's virtue-signaling is another man's progress.

UNCgolf4 days ago

I had the same thought. It kind of looks denim, although who knows what it actually feels like.

Casper Gutman4 days ago

Yeah, putting aside how bland they are, those shirts do not look comfortable at all.

dark5304 days ago

For the CMs sake hopefully its at least comfortable virtue signaling. I have a recycled content suit (for the occasional wedding) that is scratchy and hot as anything. Would hate to be wearing that all day in Florida heat.

dundee104 days ago

Disney should have saved this virtue signaling for Earth Day.

Jambo Dad5 days ago

That’s because this is worthless virtue signaling.

castlecake2.05 days ago

FW ODF and The Land are really due for updates

JohnD5 days ago

Whatever floats their water bottle.