PHOTOS - Demolition walls up around Leave a Legacy at Epcot's main entrance

May 20, 2019 in "EPCOT"

Leave a Legacy demolition walls
Posted: Monday May 20, 2019 10:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Demolition walls are now up around the western side of Leave a Legacy at Epcot's main entrance.

New pathways, sweeping green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain will all be part of the new look, and as part of this new entry experience, Leave A Legacy photos will move into a new setting just outside the park’s gateway. While the photos will be staying, the granite columns will not be part of the new display.

Construction taking place in phases, and the new Leave a Legacy will be ready in 2020. Work will first begin on the west side of Leave a Legacy through the summer, moving to the east side later in the year.

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JohnD22 days ago

Apparently, the lights are frageelay!

montyz8122 days ago Looks like Jean Shepherd may have left CoP to work on the lights at Epcot.

Cmdr_Crimson23 days ago

Well, what do you expect for a Forty year old park with a receding hairline? perhaps they should contact this for help...

Movielover23 days ago

montyz8124 days ago

When one light goes out they all go out.

The Moles Family24 days ago

Zack better find the receipts and take them back to Home Depot

monothingie24 days ago

The unplugged it and plugged it back in an hour later. It was working by 9.

tparris24 days ago

I was there tonight as well and noticed that none of the plaza lights were on either, including the fountain and perimeter led strip lighting

G00fyDad24 days ago

Relax. It's just a receeding hairline.

monothingie24 days ago

Sirwalterraleigh24 days ago

Some customers didn’t give enough to cover the bill today… Remember: YOU are the magic

monothingie24 days ago

Major problems with the LEDs tonight.

MisterPenguinAug 02, 2022

tparrisJul 19, 2022

The unnamed site put up a photo report showing that the two overhead “Welcome to Epcot” signs by the ticketing booths have been removed and the spots they were hanging from have been patched up and painted. They also finally removed the old transportation signage that was on the ground by the monorail station entrance, and they’re in the process of replacing the pavement and presumably installing new signage in the same place. I’m going to EPCOT next Monday so I’m hoping at least some of the new signage will be there by then. Now that I live in Orlando, I’ll be going to the parks much more often than I used to, so expect at the very least monthly photo reports from me from now on!