PHOTOS - Test Track area restrooms reopen and Spaceship Earth area restrooms close for refurbishment

Sep 18, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World East restroom refurbishments - September 18 2020

The Future World East restrooms across from Test Track have reopened after a lengthy closure.

The layout is largely unchanged, but new tile, color scheme and Dyson air blades have been added.

At the front of the park, the eastern side restrooms underneath Spaceship Earth are now closed for refurbishment.

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Article Posted: Sep 18, 2020 / 10:46am ET
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trainplane32 days ago

Possible temporary light rig? Maybe for SSE?

Horizons13 days ago

This all day.

lazyboy97o3 days ago

That would have been possible with the CommuniCore buildings.

zengoth3 days ago

Despite all the downsides to the building, it would still be nice to have somewhere to go in Epcot for a 2nd or even 3rd story view (that’s not moving)

DreamfinderGuy3 days ago

I feel obligated to like this post.

nickys3 days ago

Those pictures of the concept art make it look like a really cool structure. For somewhere else.

trainplane33 days ago

While there are many reasons I don't like it, I'd hope it gets put into the Archives. It's still a neat looking building, just wasn't a good fit for the middle of the park.

Horizons13 days ago

I hope it went into the dumpster where it belongs.

IMDREW3 days ago

Very good look at the canceled Egg.

DreamfinderGuy7 days ago

Well, with Innoventions West they don't quite have to worry about that.

lazyboy97o8 days ago

Aside from protecting the tunnels below, you have to be more careful the more you want to recycle.

trainplane38 days ago

Not construction smart but there's tunnels directly underneath. They probably can't risk knocking down sections and damaging those areas underneath.

kurtk8 days ago

Is there anyone in the construction industry that knows why they seem to be doing such a careful demolition? I would have thought they could have taken down Innoventions West much faster but they seemed to do it very slowly.

trainplane38 days ago

Eeeehh it's more like they put the poop jokes in there to appease that one crowd. Season 2 had a hefty reduction in those jokes luckily. Still more positive then the depressing, screwed up, sad "future" of Disco and Picard. Not going to derail this thread anymore.