PHOTOS - Aerial views of the EPCOT central spine demolition

Nov 13, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World core demolition - November 13 2020
Posted: Friday November 13, 2020 12:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work continues on the demolition of the EPCOT central spine, but at a much slower pace than we saw before the COVID-19 shutdown.

A small crew continues to strip the interior of the eastern side, which has now largely been reduced to a shell. Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by @cchard.

On the western side, work is progressing on removing the interior of what remains standing of Innoventions.

From ground level, a section of the exterior has been torn out, but the shell of the building remains.

The plans for the area remain uncertain, as Disney grapples with reopening the parks amid COVID-19 and balancing expenditure. Our most recent information suggests that the plans for the eastern side, which includes the former Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella and Innoventions remain unchanged and will go ahead with new merchandise and food & beverage lcoations. However, the western side seems much more uncertain, with Disney already suggesting that the multi level festival building has been abandoned. The fate of the still standing Communicore building remains unclear.

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DisneywithNick4 hours ago

Here I go overanalyzing things again. This was Zach's Instagram Story post today. This is very clearly not at EPCOT, as the bottom item literally has what seems to be paint codes written on it. Also, look to the bottom left, thats another letter next to this C. I think this is the CommuniCore Hall marquee.

bhg4691 day ago

I seriously doubt the walls are going to move by then.

PeopleMoverLover1 day ago

Our next trip is December 2022. Is there any chance that any of the walls are pushed back at that point? Or are they just going to do it all at once and then remove all the walls at the same time instead of doing it in sections?

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Spaceshepsi Earth

DCBaker2 days ago

Use the > on the right to move through the photos -

monothingie3 days ago

The should build a twin to SSE right next to the original. That way EPCOT can finally get some balls.

Animaniac93-983 days ago

That's pretty funny when you realize EPCOT was a big reason why WDW stopped selling Pepsi.

tparris3 days ago

The part that confuses me is that they literally used the correct logo the first time, but when they updated the map they somehow changed it to the wrong one. That just seems like a mistake made by some intern or something

cranbiz3 days ago

The blind can't see the logo, why update it? It's details like this that Disney used to excel at. Now?????

tparris3 days ago

I just noticed that when Disney updated the new braille map to show the new walkway along CC East, they somehow replaced the new EPCOT typeface with the original EPCOT Center typeface. How does that even happen?

MisterPenguin4 days ago

An excellent opportunity to put down new flooring!

monothingie4 days ago

Meanwhile at the Imagination Pavilion....

monothingie4 days ago

I present to you the state of Imagineering. Posting a bloated a multi-paragraph post full of drivel written by a PR or Marketing flunky all to describe what is essentially a sewer grate or manhole cover.

Thelazer4 days ago

I wish he would care about the overall function and usage of the space, instead of just the form of it. I'm all for cool metal artwork, I'd just prefer not to pay a private ticket event price to go see the dreamers path.