PHOTOS - EPCOT main entrance topiary arrive as part of the Flower and Garden Festival

Mar 02, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT main entrance topiary - March 2021
Posted: Tuesday March 2, 2021 10:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Topiary displays are now in place at EPCOT'S main entrance as part of the 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.

Three of the main entrance planters are decorated with topiary.

Mickey Mouse himself takes the center position in a scene from the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The area now takes on a look close to what we saw in the concept art for the park's new entrance back in early 2019.

The 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival west underway tomorrow and runs through July 5 2021. Check back tomorrow for a full tour of this year's festival.

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marni19711 hour ago

Let’s have a coffee whilst we look over them then. We can share opinion.

WillWrambles1 hour ago

I have the slight benefit of being local, so while I may get to see them first, it doesn’t mean much on your opinion.

marni19713 hours ago

Don’t you worry I will. When they let me. “Look”’is half the problem. Blocked sight lines are the other. Although I also trust the opinion of a lot of local friends and cast who’ve given me theirs too. I know how big these things are. I’ve seen what they look like close up.

WillWrambles3 hours ago

I’m implying Martin, and by extention everyone else on the boards, including me, needs to do that. So yeah, I will.

peter114353 hours ago

Why not just wait until you’re at Epcot and form your own opinion?

WillWrambles3 hours ago

I‘m just gonna wait for you yourself to show up to EPCOT and see how they look. Then we’ll see.

Father Robinson4 hours ago

These things remind me of the robot, "Jinx" from the 1986 film, "Space Camp".

Father Robinson4 hours ago

Problem is, we all KNOW they're there. It would be more work to try NOT to notice them. And of close the closer we get to SSE, the more obvious they'll be. Cripes, standing underneath, it'll probably seem like you could simply jump up and slap one of them on.

Lil Copter Cap18 hours ago

Clearly, they are noticeable enough to get attention (re: photos here on wdwmagic and elsewhere), but they plug the open holes that currently exist on the outside structure and I welcome this change. Dare I say that they add a more complete look than leaving the holes open/exposed? Once entirely distributed amongst the structure, it will bring cohesion in visual design as opposed to the current holes that are comprised of either a blackhole, inner support beams, or chipped points from the triangles. (Which I recognize is another conversation entirely on upkeep, or the lack thereof.)

Amused to Death18 hours ago

We'll have to see how visible the lights are on the bottom section. Some of the wiring looks a little sloppy, too.

kevlightyear20 hours ago

You can think of it as a trade-off between sacrificing the look of the structure for the pay-off of the effect. If the effect is good enough, the sacrifice is worth it. This is all subject to personal opinion of course. If you see the lights as objectionable under any circumstances, then no effect is worth it. But I think the general public will find the sacrifice minimal and the pay-off remarkable. It's not too dissimilar from the cinderella castle dream lights. The effect is cool enough (for most people?) that it's worth draping the castle in trashy wires for a few months. Those lights look dreadful up close during the day, but blend in better from far away. Also similarly, adding these lights to SSE isn't physically destructive so removing them will be an easier affair whenever that time comes. I'm really excited to see these lights in action.

marni197120 hours ago

Again, that’s opinion.

DisneyJayL20 hours ago

I was really upset with these lights that are being put on. Now that I have seen them in the proper setting, it really doesn’t look bad at all. Maybe it is just me!?! I think.

FigmentFan8220 hours ago

Well based on non-zoomed in photos that have been posted here they seem very unnoticeable