Overnight testing of 'EPCOT Forever' underway at EPCOT

May 11, 2021 in "Epcot Forever"

Posted: Tuesday May 11, 2021 8:37m ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Epcot Forever' has been in testing overnight at EPCOT this week as a return of Walt Disney World's firework shows edges closer.

The interim show debuted in October 2019 and only played for a few months before the parks were closed due to the pandemic. Speculation continues that 'EPCOT Forever' will make a return before we see Harmonious later in the year.

Guests staying at EPCOT resorts last night could hear the soundtrack of EPCOT Forever playing in World Showcase, although no fireworks were seen. Should 'EPCOT Forever' return, expect to see some modifications. The kites would be removed due to all of the additional hardware in the lagoon for Harmonious, and there would likely be smaller changes to the pyro and other effects.

Disney has yet to announce a return of nighttime shows, but with COVID conditions continuing to improve, and Orange County relaxing restrictions in regard to social distancing, we may be on course to see fireworks at Disney World this summer.

Disney will present its quarterly earnings later this week, which in recent times has been an opportunity for Bob Chapek to deliver news on capacity and openings. Perhaps an announcement of summer fireworks may be part of that - stay tuned.

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Mac Tonight11 hours ago

It's all good! I'm definitely glad I got to see it in person at least once. It just didn't move me the same way Illuminations did. As I was walking away though I thought to myself, it's not the perfect Epcot show, but it's the perfect show for what Epcot is becoming. Then I had a small weep.

90s11 hours ago

Sorry to hear that, I personally thought it was spectacular in person and the effects are great. I saw it four times and it gets better each show

Mac Tonight17 hours ago

Having watched the premiere video, I was unimpressed. But I knew I needed to see it in person to give it a fair shake. So I saw it in person a few weeks ago. And was only slightly less unimpressed. Spending a total of 3 nights at Epcot, we only stayed to watch it once. The wacky-waving arms on the Stargate are just so chaotic and distracting. It really doesn't add anything for me. Honestly, the fireworks were the best part. The whole thing still just feels like a collection of "deleted scenes" from some Magic Kingdom shows. Also, just as a fun aside, we were walking around by the American Adventure and I just happened to mention that "those (the barges) will always be there now" and a passing CM kind of perked up saying, "Yep. They're permanent." I said "that's a shame", and I could tell she really wanted to go off, but she swallowed her vitriol and just slowly nodded her head saying, "yuuuup."

Nunu7 days ago

No biggie! Trying to keep up with Disney these days be like: 😅

MisterPenguin7 days ago

I stand corrected.

James Alucobond7 days ago

I would also consider the fact that there was a placard about the daytime fountains in World Showcase itself as being an announcement, even if it wasn't listed on the website or brought up in a presentation.

Nunu7 days ago

IIRC, the daytime fountain was indeed announced at some point. Found this article from November 2020: https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/harmonious/news/20nov2020-photo---harmonious-show-platform-barges-to-be-used-as-daytime-fountains.htm

MisterPenguin7 days ago

Apparently, once they saw how anemic it looked. Altho, it was never announced... just appeared on concept art.

Squishy7 days ago

So have they abandoned the daytime fountain concept?

Crazydisneyfanluke12 days ago

Saw it Friday evening. It was delayed for 45mins due to technical difficulties. The middle barge had all the issues. Ring didn't have projections, lighting was off and on, arms didn't move at all, finale was lack luster due to no perimeter fireworks (It was raining and windy). Shame they don't have a back up plan like Illuminations had.

Tom Morrow12 days ago

I agree with that. The opening chants and "Awakening" are really well done as a long, slow build. As I mentioned in my analysis of the soundtrack, the way they give a sense of something big coming together from fragments is well done, and I also like their mashup nature. I just wish the rest of the show carried that momentum, but it doesn't due to the start and stop pacing and the fact that by the end of Awakening, the show has shown you all of its hands already.

trainplane313 days ago

Some interesting show issues over the past few days. Middle ring with no water or arms, only lighting (this almost looks better aka less sensory overload): Middle ring arms closest to the camera give up right after the timestamp (9 mins) and no longer move, even for the post show bit:

Vinnie Mac13 days ago

Okay so I know the point is that HarmonioUS doesn't have any part that keeps you guessing what's going to happen next but personally I think the opening act of HarmonioUS does kinda give this feeling of "what's gonna happen next?" The somewhat slow build to the first launch of actual pyro and then the whole "gathering everyone and setting out to adventure" theme of it makes me feel this way.

Tom Morrow13 days ago

As a huge, huge fan of Reflections of Earth, I do feel it is disingenuous to assert that it had a strong story or narrative that held the audience's attention. Let's be honest here - while I'm aware that it does technically have a narrative, it was very abstract. So abstract that the vast majority of viewers have no idea what each segment is supposed to represent. But what it did have is an overarching theme and vision. The entire show was one unified piece meant to be taken in it's entirety. Though most viewers did not key in to the narrative, almost everyone got the tone and the message of the show, and the unified nature of it's production, better pacing, and continuously introducing new things to the audience is what primarily held people's attention. Sure, many thought that the globe segment was boring, but it still held your attention as a first time viewer because you watch wanting to know what is going to happen next. With Harmonious, knowing you can zone out of a particular segment because it will be over in a minute or two before the next one starts, combined with no overarching theme or unified vision, well.... you know. It makes for an unengaging, overly long show that doesn't hold your attention.