PHOTOS - Subtle new decor added in the Town Center Market at Disney Springs

Sep 27, 2019 in "Disney Springs"

Additional decor added to Disney Springs Summer 2019
Posted: Friday September 27, 2019 12::33pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Market area in the Town Center at Disney Springs has had some subtle new details added to the roofline.

Those with a keen eye will notice bunnies, birds and squirrels pushing an orange.

Disney has been looking to add some more "Disney" touches to Disney Springs, and these latest changes come in addition to the recent Orange Bird mural added to The Landing behind Raglan Road.

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Jon81ukOct 11, 2019

I would say that most of Disney Springs Town Center adheres to this, the touches such as staircases with doors to "apartments" above the stores with flower boxes etc. The Town Center for me felt like more than a mall. The "old sawmill" that is now Blaze Pizza and the "old farm" that's D-Lux Burger. These buildings with back stories are something that I think is very very Disney as most places don't really bother with that sort of place-making.

Casper GutmanOct 11, 2019

What defines something as classically “Disney” is complicated and nuanced. I’d argue it centers around two elements: 1) Coherent, fully immersive, consistent theming. This can be theming that relates to a Disney IP, but it certainly doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t always be). It also doesn’t refer to applying light thematic touches on generic structures (Disney’s modern approach to hotels) - “fully immersive” means the thematic approach is carried out thoroughly and without shame, even if that risks appearing campy or excessive. 2) A central concept that is unique or, at the very least, is carried out with a unique level of skill or thoroughness. This is the “Only At Disney” factor that should be so vital to the Disney experience. Other theme parks may have a drop tower, but none have one that comes close to the imagination or design skill displayed by ToT. And other places DON’T have an entire theme park dedicated to edutainment. The most “Disney” thing at the former Downtown Disney was the Adventurer’s Club. Toothsome at Uni, while not perfect, is more “Disney” then anything at the modern Disney Springs.

BocabearOct 11, 2019

Definitely not fiberglass Disney Characters...It is unique touches and theming... The faux Springs is a good start, but the lackluster shops buildings look too ordinary... RE: trolley, peoplemover, themed train transport system, Yes it is very nice to leisurely walk through the whole of Disney Springs, but I think more often than not people get dropped off at the bus loop or the Uber lots and have a dinner reservation on the other end of the property..Or you just want to get to the other side more quickly... It would have added a beautiful kinetic element to the property...and it would have been heavily used. IMO

LilofanOct 11, 2019

Three level dance club Mannequins with all the beautiful people! Is my head spinning or the dance floor really moving? 😉

Jon81ukOct 11, 2019

While a train would look cool and be fun to ride, its not that bad to walk round the whole area leisurely, its not needed as a transport option really. I don't really know what defines a spaces as "Disney" but I don't think the garish fibreglass characters of Marketplace are right either. Maybe it was Pleasure Island celebrating NYE every night and those sort of little touches but unfortunately the entertainment of PI is long gone.

BocabearOct 10, 2019

There is nothing Howell-like at The Grove...or the hundreds of other Lifestyle centers that are built all over the country. I am sorry you don't have one locally, but seriously they are building them everywhere...

Texas84Oct 10, 2019

This is what I think of everytime I read a 'Muh local mall is better than Disney Springs" post.

BocabearOct 10, 2019

The Grove is WAY more Disney than Disney Springs...Originally I was thinking that DS was going to be a more amazing version of The Grove, but sadly is actually more plain. If they had actually made a real working L-train line as transport the length of the area....That would have been a huge plus...instead of fake abandoned sections of an Elevated train track... It could have linked all three garages and hit all ends of The Springs...from the remote lot on the west end where Cirque is (and the Uber Cars drop Off) all the way to the opposite side at the bus drop... THAT would have made sense and seemed a lot more interesting let alone convenient.

TrojanUSCOct 10, 2019

This is sort of my biggest issue with DS. On one hand, I like that it's not too "Disney," with princesses and characters and cartoons shoved into every corner. On the other hand, there is nothing unique about it. Reminds me of any number of local lifestyle available here in LA and elsewhere. Even "The Grove" in LA, with its fountain show and trolley, feels more Disney than Disney Springs.

BocabearOct 08, 2019

I think Diosney Springs is light on theme and design...Looking more like a Lifestyle Center that we have many of here in South Florida and California among other places in the US... It is nice that there is some original design around the place... The actual faux Springs are lovely...but in general there is not enough to WOW... Add more...take it over the top... Make it something I could never find in my hometown...

itsy bitsy spiderOct 05, 2019

It seems like people would have negative things to say about anything. I think it is a nice balance of Disney and Disney Springs.

Horizons1Sep 30, 2019

I like the orange bird mural because it fits with the whole Florida springs theme. But cmon. I know I’m at Disney. I don’t need to be reminded about magic and fairytales every single place I step. I like the theme of Disney Springs. I like how there are “Disney Disney” portions and then portions that have no evidence of Disney at all. I really hope not too much of that is lost by this synergy push.

Frankenstein79Sep 30, 2019

I actually love what they've added, especially the orange bird mural.

Jon81ukSep 30, 2019

Why do they have to shove characters on everything, can't we have new original theming and leave it at that.