'Gateway to Discovery' Disney Vacation Club Welcome Center opens at Disney Springs

Mar 06, 2024 in "Disney Springs"

Gateway to Discovery DVC Welcome Center at Disney Springs
Posted: Wednesday March 6, 2024 8:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new Disney Vacation Club welcome center has opened in the Town Center at Disney Springs.

'Gateway to Discovery' takes over the former Alex and Ani space near the Guest Relations building and showcases DVC's offerings worldwide.

Like the DVC kiosks found in the parks, the new Disney Springs location includes interactive video kiosks, models of DVC properties, and a Mickey Mouse photo op.

Later this year, a new DVC lounge will open on the second floor.

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AylaMar 08, 2024

Of course there is. :rolleyes: DVC is the only thing they have any interest in expanding.

castlecake2.0Mar 08, 2024

Haven’t heard specific places but substantial growth coming. YC is usually booked pretty solid as is with convention travel back, but I could see POR being a target with its huge room inventory. I think reflections is only a matter of time, it’s prime real estate.

nickysMar 08, 2024

My guesses: -Reflections is back on the agenda to be linked with the FW cabins - Poly sales dates announced - More resort rooms being switched to DVC “resort studios” at GF, Jambo or YC. Possibly the Garden Wing at Contemporary. An outside shot for POR, now that there’s a precedent at FW.

castlecake2.0Mar 08, 2024

Parks are not the only thing about to get “turbocharged”, it looks like there are some announcements ahead for DVC

HauntedPirateMar 08, 2024

seabreezept813Mar 08, 2024

I think the cost of tickets now is what makes it not a value. Like even if you’re getting the hotel for free the tickets are sooo pricey.

HauntedPirateMar 07, 2024

Bob WANTS you to buy Riviera... Bob NEEDS you to buy Riviera... But friends don't let friends buy points at Riviera.

monothingieMar 07, 2024

Sounds Kinky. I'm in!

Indy_UKMar 07, 2024

Once in, you don’t see daylight again until you’ve bought 300 points at Aulani or Riviera.

Jambo DadMar 07, 2024

It doesn’t save much- when I ran the numbers it took about 18 years or so to reach break even. Buying secondary markets points will save you more of course. Just don’t buy Riviera unless you REALLY love Riviera!

JoeCamelMar 07, 2024


seabreezept813Mar 07, 2024

🤣sad part is I’ve always wanted it and we could swing it, but it’s just not a good investment. Especially seeing we want to go other places sometimes. I haven’t seen anything lately to convince me otherwise. We’ve been going every year lately and don’t feel like dvc would have saved us money overall.

JoeCamelMar 07, 2024

DVC sales isn't an offshoot?

buckeyegatorMar 07, 2024

just give the to the jehova's witnessess that wander around