PHOTOS - New Disney Parks Chairman and Walt Disney World President on the front-lines at Disney Springs

May 20, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro and Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle at Disney Springs
Posted: Wednesday May 20, 2020 3:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Josh D'Amaro and Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle were very much on the front lines of the Disney Springs reopening today.

The newly promoted pair were meeting with Cast Members and guests throughout the property as Disney Springs welcomed its first guests since the COVID-19 shutdown in late March 2020.

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Brer OswaldAug 04, 2020

Yeah, we’ve definitely lost since I made that post :hilarious:

Captain NeoAug 04, 2020

All capital expenditures still have to go through the Bobs and the board and with the way things are now good luck getting anything cool green lit in the next 5 years at which point he will more than likely left the position. even bigger maintenance budgets for the attractions and upkeep would be a miracle and that ain’t happening

DVCakaCarlFAug 03, 2020

Only if Disney buys TikTok.

CaptainAmericaAug 03, 2020

If you read the OP, this is where a lot of "Kevin Mayer to TikTok" discussion was taking place. Just floating a conspiracy theory that, if TikTok is acquired and Bob C. gets scapegoated, maybe we'll see Mr. Mayer in Burbank again.

MisterPenguinAug 03, 2020

What does this have to do with D'Amaro (the thread topic)? What does Bob C. taking heat for everything pandemic-related at TWDC have to do with TikTok?

CaptainAmericaAug 03, 2020 Kevin Mayer, M&A specialist, goes to TikTok just in time for them to be acquired by Microsoft while Bob C. takes the heat for everything pandemic-related at TWDC. Hm..........

MythBusterMay 28, 2020

Actually, it was a power struggle between Engineering and WDI about who was responsible but ultimately it was a business decision to just to turn it off because of safety and liability concerns. It is similar to what happened to the Mama Cearadactylus and the Jumping Compsognathus over at CTX/Dinosaur and many other things as well.

LilofanMay 28, 2020

I heard it was power struggle between Operations and Engineering but now with him being the new WDW President maybe things can happen?

MythBusterMay 28, 2020

And what did they say was wrong with the figure? I also worked alongside WDI and Sustaining Engineers and WDI Show Programmers

MisterPenguinMay 28, 2020

Some of our insiders have talked to the imagineers who've removed the Yeti to examine it and put it back. And these are the insiders who have a very good track record in many other areas of Disney.

MythBusterMay 28, 2020

And I'm saying they are wrong It's really hard to trust many so-called "Insiders" But I'm just telling you what's true because I was there.

MythBusterMay 28, 2020

It was originally designed to be only seen for 2 seconds and hoped people would say "Did you see the Yeti?" it was so quick so it would add to the mystery and legend.

MisterPenguinMay 28, 2020

We got a handful of insiders who say otherwise. It's the figure.

MythBusterMay 28, 2020

The foundation and the figure is fine, it's the movable platform that supports the figure is where the problem is.