PHOTOS - Handful of stores and restaurants open at Disney Springs today

Mar 17, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Springs during coronavirus closure March 17 2020

All Disney owned locations and most third party locations are closed today at Disney Springs due to coronavirus impacts, but a handful remain open.

Restaurants open today include Chicken Guy, Planet Hollywood, Earl of Sandwich and STK. Polite Pig is offering takeout service from the bar.

Stores operating include Super Dry, Ron Jon, Chapel Hats, Basin, Harley Davisdon, Havainas, Pele Soccer and Sosa Cigar.

Very few guests are at Disney Springs despite the theme parks being closed. Walt Disney World Resort hotels will close this Friday.

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Article Posted: Mar 17, 2020 / 11:20am ET
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GoofGoof4 minutes ago

I agree with this. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Unfortunately when the Governor is on TV railing on about how he is against all mandates and doesn’t think the government should impose any rules that impact businesses it’s a terrible message. People need to rise above that, but the government exists to aid and serve the people, not hinder them. It’s also not always clear what precautions should be taken. Again, when the Governor is saying no restrictions its not helping people figure out what precautions they should take. It would be like removing all speed limit signs and saying people should just know better than to drive 150 MPH down a highway (which they should), but the government won’t mandate a speed limit so how fast should they go? What’s a reasonable speed for that road? Leaving it up to personal interpretation is going to result in a very inconsistent result.

SamusAranX30 minutes ago

*sigh* You completely misunderstood my point; in areas where the gov't refuses to mandate or act in implementing precautions, people shouldn't just say "well the government isn't telling me to do this or that, so I won't do it". I.e. just because I am living in Florida, where it's almost a free for all in terms of government mandates, doesn't mean I nor others should stop precautions. it's at that point that we need to step up and do our best to be safe.

Lilofan55 minutes ago

Keeps the rules and regulations department staff employed making up all those rules.

DisneyCane56 minutes ago

That is not true. From my earlier post: Local municipalities can and do impose restrictions. Here is the latest emergency order issued by Broward County on 10/16. I won't direct link every one but all of the currently in effect restrictions can be found at

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong...a thousand times wrong. “Individual citizens” are failing 98,000 and 2,500 deaths to today and still rising (8 pm est) Wrong in March...wrong in July...wrong in September...wrong now Rules protect the dumb against themselves...not the educated/intelligent. Now I have to go out and do some tai chi to calm myself down. Namaste

DCBaker1 hour ago

DisneyDelirious1 hour ago

As a resident of the Land of Lincoln, I can confirm that sadly you are correct. IL leads in stats that you don’t want to lead in.

TrainChasers2 hours ago

I wish they had more quotes from him, it said he hopes people play it safe and then they quoted him saying “you can’t live in a bubble.” So how does he suggest we do both?

DCBaker2 hours ago

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is set to shorten the recommended length of quarantine after exposure to someone who is positive for COVID-19, as the virus rages across the nation. According to a senior administration official, the new guidelines, which are set to be released as soon as Tuesday evening, will allow people who have come in contact to someone infected with the virus to resume normal activity after 10 days, or 7 days if they receive a negative test result. That’s down from the 14-day period recommended since the onset of the pandemic."

SamusAranX2 hours ago

I recently read an article on "ski season during the pandemic" and they interviewed a doctor who is traveling to ski and thinks it can be done safely. It all depends on who you ask. Many also think flying is not as risky as assumed. Edit:

SamusAranX2 hours ago

No worries, I was using a scale of overall case numbers and positivity rate. If we go by deaths, yes, it doesn't compare to the first wave.

TrainChasers2 hours ago

Do any scientists / disease experts think people should be traveling, eating out, going to concerts, visiting theme parks, etc.? Is this a debate outside of “experts” on the Internet that have fueled politicians who want their votes?

GoofGoof2 hours ago

The second wave is bad too but the first wave was not tame. In terms of both hospitalizations and deaths the first wave was really bad. We’ve figured out how to keep nursing homes more safe these days so the deaths are way down in the second wave.

SamusAranX2 hours ago

It sucks, but at this point, it's on the citizens there to take the right precautions. Unfortunately, common sense is no longer common.