VIDEO - Drive through of the new Grapefruit Parking Garage at Disney Springs

Apr 15, 2019 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Springs Grapefruit Garage opening day

The Grapefruit Parking Garage at Disney Springs is now open to guests, located directly across from the existing Lime garage and providing additional capacity and a direct entrance into the Marketplace.

Grapefruit Garage features the upgraded smart parking system, which offers information about space availability on each floor, and then individual space availability within each row. The new system also details accessible parking availability on each level. 

There are more than 600 spaces per level, spread across 5 levels. Grapefruit Garage will be the primary parking location for Cast Members working at Disney Springs, freeing up space for guests in the closer Orange Garage.

Like the other two Disney Springs garages, Grapefruit also includes electric vehicle chargers, and in this garage it is on the third level.

As with Lime and Orange, a pedestrian bridge links the garage to Disney Springs, and in the case of Grapefruit it takes you directly into the Marketplace between Basin and World of Disney.

The approximately 5 minute walk takes you over Buena Vista Dr., and although enclosed, is not covered.

There is a stop halfway that gives access to the Disney casting Center.

As for which garage to park in - Orange Garage remains your best option for the West Side and The Landing. Lime is well positioned for Town Center, and Grapefruit is great for the Marketplace. If you think you will visit all three, Orange remains the best option due to its larger size and very easy access from both I4 and the theme park side of Buena Vista Drive,

See the video below for a drive-through of the Grapefruit Parking Garage at Disney Springs.

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Article Posted: Apr 15, 2019 / 9:45am ET