PHOTOS - New Margarita Bar under construction in the Marketplace at Disney Springs

Dec 05, 2014 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Friday December 5, 2014 11:57am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Margarita Bar at Disney Springs Marketplace is now under construction.

The new bar is being built out onto the Village Lake with a newly installed deck space over the water. It is located opposite the Marketplace Co Op, near to the older, and much smaller bar that was demolished earlier this year.

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xdan0920Apr 29, 2015

Looks awesome. I love that they are using the dynamics of the Waterfront to their advantage.

71jasonApr 27, 2015

Nope. But you can find her at Polar Pub at Blizzard Beach (depending on the day of course). Tried this Friday night. Pains me to say it, because I have friends working there, but beautiful space, great service ... but a $13 margarita should not taste like commercial sour mix. I'd say stick to beer--also overpriced even by WDW standards--but not worth the hassle of parking.

djkidkazApr 26, 2015

Looking at the paint scheme of this place makes me wonder if there are plans to repaint the rest of marketplace with a different color scheme? The dark tones of the margarita bar and the bright colors of WOD in the background seem to clash.

Kman101Apr 26, 2015

Wow! A huge improvement. They're doing a really good job with Disney Springs. So many things they're doing seems to be about making it come across as more inviting, and IMO, it works.

Sparkle1566Apr 26, 2015

Not too sure about Erin ..... I keep in touch with one of the CM's who used to work at the old Marg Bar.... I got in touch with him the other day and he tells me none of the old gang is there, I hope he is wrong !!!! That would make me sad. :(

betty roseApr 25, 2015

I can't wait to try this, a margarita is my favorite (any kind).:)

BoltApr 23, 2015

Wow - that looks comfortable. Also faces the sunset from the backside seating.

DisneyJeffApr 23, 2015

I forsee a few hours here every trip while the DW is in the World of Disney shop.

Sparkle1566Apr 23, 2015

I hope she is back as well !!!! You are right... her margs are amazing !!! The new place looks great, with a nice, fresh atmosphere ... can't wait to see it !!!!

LuvtheGoofApr 23, 2015

Does anyone know if Erin will be coming back? She makes absolutely the best margaritas we have ever had!

wdwmagicApr 23, 2015

PHOTOS - Dockside Margaritas now open at The Marketplace

StrangelingApr 22, 2015

Happy to see they're carrying the Florida winery fruit wines too, I love those and that kind of adds to the authentic "Florida" theming.

SeanWM48Apr 21, 2015

i second that. i liked the little places like captain jack's back a couple years ago. hope this one fits in. for what it's worth captain jack's would set you up with a pretty decent margarita with a little kick to it. especially compared to most other places.

notnothinApr 20, 2015

Here's to hoping that the Jai Alai is on tap!