Disney Springs Adjusts Hours for Boat, Balloon, and Amphicar Rides Ahead of New Drone Show

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Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2024 1:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs will debut "Disney Dreams That Soar presented by AT&T," a nightly choreographed drone show starting May 24. This new attraction will affect the operating hours of several popular Disney Springs offerings.

Showtimes for the 9-minute show are 9 pm and 10:45 pm. Viewing areas are located on Disney Springs West Side, along the waterfront between the Cirque du Soleil Theatre and Aerophile. 
Showtimes, Viewing Details, and a Sneak Peek of the Music for 'Disney Dreams That Soar' Drone Show

Disney Springs Boat Transportation to Disney Resort Hotels

The Sassagoula River Cruise will end earlier each night to make way for the show. The final boats from Port Orleans—French Quarter and Riverside, Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs to Disney Springs will depart at 7:30 pm, and the last return boat from Disney Springs to these resorts will leave at 8 pm. Guests can still use the bus transportation to all Resort hotels after the boat service stops.

Disney Springs Attractions

Both Aerophile – The World Leader in Balloon Flight and Vintage Amphicar Tours will close at 8 pm each evening in preparation for the show.

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TTA946 hours ago

Or any nighttime show for that matter at AK. And we need drones that rise up for the “I See The Light” segments in HEA and Luminous!

Touchdown6 hours ago

I’m waiting for the sequel show, Disney Dreams that Roar to debut over the Asia Lake at AK.

MisterPenguin19 hours ago

Halloween show first. August is just right around the corner!!

Starship8241 day ago

A Christmas version perhaps?

ToTBellHop1 day ago

I’m sure an extension is possible if it’s still popular by late summer or perhaps a Christmas return.

jrhwdw1 day ago

Before the Official Announcement, we thought Drones were ready for a Park. Whether This Show went to DS for Safety or to help DS IDK, but it's paying off! I really wish Dreams That Soar could stay at DS! Does Everything really need a Park Ticket???????

Starship8241 day ago

Something I found very interesting. In the imagineering video about music a couple of weeks ago, during the part about this show, the writer of the song says "I just imagine my daughter hearing the song in the park". Was this show originally meant for one of the parks and was moved to Springs, or what it just him misspeaking? If it was originally meant for a park, I wonder which one.

Touchdown2 days ago

1 hour before for good spots, 30 min before for a spot for the first show. 30 min wait for good spots, 15 min for a spot for the second show. This show gets my stamp of approval, I hope something similar to this is added to AK.

EricsBiscuit2 days ago

Or see the second show

wdwmagic2 days ago

Yeah it’s still heavy. You want to be by Cirque at 7:45 to secure a front row

scottb4112 days ago

How have the crowds been for the main viewing area? Do you have to get there early?

lentesta5 days ago

This is part of the Tiana event, yeah.

wdwmagic5 days ago

They need to setup food and beverage for the media event. They cannot empty the 9pm show in time to do the prep.

mattpeto5 days ago

Let's them control logistics/crowds a bit more I'm sure.