New details revealed for 'Disney Enchantment' fireworks show coming to the Magic Kingdom

Aug 20, 2021 in "Disney Enchantment"

Disney Enchantment overview
Posted: Friday August 20, 2021 3:37pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has revealed some new details today about the upcoming 'Disney Enchantment' nighttime spectacular coming to Magic Kingdom October 1.

Disney says that this all-new spectacular inspires everyone to believe in magic, with captivating Disney music, enhanced lighting, immersive projection effects that extend for the first time down Main Street, U.S.A., and an emotional original song, entitled “You Are the Magic,” by seven-time GRAMMY-winner Philip Lawrence. And throughout the show, stunning fireworks fill the sky, providing a great experience for guests throughout the park and neighboring resort hotels.

"Since opening day in 1971, dazzling fireworks shows have provided that perfect exclamation point at the end of a fantastic day at Magic Kingdom Park," said Mark Renfrow, Show Director, Disney Live Entertainment. "From 'Fantasy in the Sky' and 'Wishes' to holiday spectaculars and 'Happily Ever After,' each new show has raised the bar, and the best is yet to come! I can’t wait for everyone to see what we're creating with 'Disney Enchantment.'"

In "Disney Enchantment," we join dreamers like Tiana, Miguel, Rapunzel, and brothers Ian & Barley from "Onward," and we set out on an incredible journey with adventurers such as Moana, Raya, and Judy Hopps. Joe Gardner from Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” takes us into “the zone,” where we discover a whimsical world inspired by the style of legendary Disney artist Mary Blair and filled with beloved characters from classic stories like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Alice in Wonderland” to contemporary tales including “Luca” and “Wreck-It Ralph.” Everything builds to a climactic moment, as Tinker Bell takes flight, spreading shimmering gold pixie dust and empowering us all to believe in ourselves and the magic all around us.

"Disney Enchantment" features characters, moments, and music from dozens of Disney and Pixar animated films. The show takes us beyond the ordinary to a land of magic, where we’re swept up in a world of wonder filled with friendship, love and fun. Through it all, we’ll discover we only have to look within to find the power to believe and make dreams come true, because the magic was inside us all along!

"Disney Enchantment" debuts October 1 at Magic Kingdom Park as part of "The World’s Most Magical Celebration."

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wtyy214 days ago

Expecting Halloween show to using Enchantment technology when not so spooky returns, while Jack Skellington puppet has been kept, some perimeter fireworks are likely to cut. Lasers/spotlights/new projection for Enchantment will likely also be installed for this year 4th of july fireworks, and that new projection (unlikely, but still possible) will be used for Disneyland as well. 360 perimeter fireworks will be cut to levels similar to NYE.

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

I 100% agree1

Touchdown5 days ago

My tweaks for Halloween: -Change the ghostly ball music to the ballroom GGG music from Once Upon a Dream -Find some way for a person, puppet, or robot to play zero and fly down the Tink wire when the gang escape the house

celluloid5 days ago

No argument there. I think the Halloween show in particular is the best night time show and use of projection mapping since Magic Memories and You. Puppet Jack Skellington is the best looking Jack Skellington the parks ever had. It translates well.

DCBaker5 days ago

"Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will be closing at 4:30pm on January 25 2022 to accommodate a private event for Cast Members. The event is for a Cast Member service celebration that was originally planned for 2020 and postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic."

InnoventionMedia5 days ago

Magic Kingdom closes at 4:30pm on Tuesday, so whatever is going on; we’ll find out by then most likely

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

Idk man, that Halloween show hit all the marks for me. Story was great, projections looked beautiful, lighting was on point, the pyro package was impressive and amazing, finale was amazing, and the soundtrack slaps.

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

Sounds cool but I'm very satisfied with our current lineup holiday shows.

celluloid5 days ago

I guess it could still be the same show while still doing pyro testing. It would be nice if something new.

Touchdown5 days ago

Yeah they debuted in 2019 and 2018. Although the Halloween one could use a tweak or two.

ToTBellHop5 days ago

We will keep the existing holiday shows for awhile.

celluloid5 days ago

Prepping software for an Enchanted Halloween/An Enchanted Christmas versions of the shows for hard ticket party nights(?)

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

Ohhh good point

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

This genuinely might be the most shocking development I've seen so far this year. If Disney's seriously updating Enchantment, that means bad news for HEA returning but that's a great sign because it could show that Disney cares about what we think to some degree.